Juan Pablo Galindo Bio

Juan Pablo Galindo Bio

Name: Juan Pablo Galindo

UndergraduateDegree: Williams College

MedicalSchool: A.T. Still University-School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona

What you like about our program: The approachability of the faculty and residents.  It was very important for me to be part of a program that has a cohesive atmosphere where all lines of communication are open.  The psychiatry program provides this supportive atmosphere, allowing one to dive into residency knowing that there is always someone to guide you along the way. Additionally, I believe the free standing Emergency Psychiatry Department is truly a gem for one's residency education.  It is rare for a program to have part of a hospital dedicated to Emergency Psychiatry, allowing residents to develop skills for managing a variety of acute pathologies through all 4 years of training.

What you like about Louisville: Beautiful running trails in Cherokee Park and amazing food.

Career Goal:  To help bring mental health to communities in need.