Hassan Khidr Bio

Hassan Khidr Bio

    Name:Hassan Khidr

    Medical School: Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

      What you like about our program:

        I believe that it is a well rounded psychiatry program where I get to experience multiple clinical experiences in variable clinical settings which I believe will defiantly help built my character as a psychiatrist and allow me to face whatever challenge I face when I am done with my residency.


          What you love about our city:

            I am not going to repeat what everybody is saying about Louisville’s people, size, climate, restaurants, parks and scenery which is all true by the way.  But For me it is the character, the personality of this city. It is like a living thing where you can bond with. Hopefully you get to experience that when you get here.

              Future Goals In Medicine:

                My aspiration in medicine is to be the best physician I could be, for myself and for my patients. That was the goal I set for myself after I finished my medical school back in Egypt a few years ago. It was a long trip but I am finally here “where it’s all happening”.  I was not easy I can tell you that but it was definitely worth it. I believe that I am in the right place and I am sure you will get to be in yours soon.