Message from the Director

Message from the Director

We welcome your interest in the University of Louisville Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences residency program. Intellectual curiosity and interest in psychiatry and human behavior are characteristics we value in our residents. We consider these attributes to be among the building blocks for the development of future psychiatrists. We provide the field of medicine with physicians who will further the knowledge and understanding of the specialty of psychiatry. We recognize that personal and professional development is key to the process of psychiatric education.  We strive towards excellence in all spheres of education.

The University of Louisville seeks a balance in the educational opportunities available to residents. We are fortunate to offer a variety of clinical settings with diverse patient populations.  We have formal didactic sessions, journal clubs, case conferences, and a dedicated supervising faculty.  We hope to develop residents into outstanding psychiatrists with the foundation to become leaders in their chosen areas of interest. Each resident has different career interests and pursuits. We help our residents recognize their potential in these areas of interest and achieve their goals.

Residents are active members of our department. They serve on committees within the University and within our department. As such, residents are directly engaged in addressing the multiple issues faced in the changing field of medical education. University of Louisville residents have their own governing body, the Residency Association.  This group meets regularly and serves as an avenue for communication and advocacy within the program - as well as selecting call dates.  Residents are involved in the recruitment and selection of new residents. They also help develop and review curricula.  Resident driven projects are common.   From active research projects to telepsychiatry continuity clinics, we embrace change and new ideas as part of our commitment to provide excellence in education.

Environment is a major factor in any major life decision. Residency is no different. Louisville is a city that allows you to flourish beyond the academic environment.  It offers natural beauty (our park system was designed by the designer of Central Park in NYC), top quality cultural events (one of the nation's top regional theaters, a ballet and Broadway shows), college sporting events (and a minor league baseball team with a picturesque ballpark), museums, the zoo, great restaurants and fun neighborhoods.  Louisville is a wonderful place to call home.

Robert Caudill, M.D.

Director of Residency Education