Yiming Huang, M.D.

Yiming Huang, M.D
Assistant Professor (Term)
Tongji Medical University, 1985

Hematopoietic stem/progenitor cell (HSPC) transplantation has become a common procedure for the treatment of hematologic malignancies and autoimmune diseases.  Despite significant advances in clinical HSPC transplantation, the morbidity and mortality resulting from ablative conditioning and graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) continue to be obstacles.  However, these risks can be overcome through less toxic nonmyeloablative conditioning and cell depletion strategies that remove GVHD-causing cells while retaining engraftment-enhancing, tolerogenic cells. CD8+/TCR- facilitating cells in mouse bone marrow have been shown to enhance engraftment of HSPC in syngeneic and allogeneic mouse recipients.  Our recent studies showed that human FC from G-CSF mobilized PBMC enhance engraftment of human HSPC in NOD/SCID/IL2rγnull (NSG) mice.   The goal of our projects is to investigate the mechanisms of facilitating cells (FC) action on enhancing engraftment of HSPC avoiding GVHD and induction of transplantation tolerance.  Studies underway include (1) the mechanism of FC enhanced migration and homing of HSPC to bone marrow,  (2) the mechanism through which FC prevent apoptosis of HSPC,  (3) the role of FC on prevention of GVHD in an NSG model,  and (4) the function of FC induced antigen-specific regulatory T cells.


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