Gustavo Abadia-Perez, M.D.

Gustavo Abadia-Perez, M.D.
Assistant Professor (Term)
National University of Tucuman, 1989


I have an interest in ischemia reperfusion injury of skeletal muscle and composite tissue preservation.  In collaboration with Dr. Ehringer, we have used a hind limb rat model to study the effects of direct ATP delivery to skeletal muscle during prolonged periods of warm ischemia.  I also have an interest in microsurgery and the use of microsurgical techniques in rodent animal models.  In July 2007, I became the new Director/Instructor of the Microsurgery Course for surgeons, technicians and students.  The course is based on the original Acland method and teaches students basic microsurgical skills.  The course is an intensive five-day training program in which students learn techniques using synthetic models as well as rodents.  For more information see  Brochure to FrankfurtBrochure to Louisville,   MicroCourse Program, and

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