Pediatricians Urging Safety & Health (PUSH) Advocacy

Pediatricians Urging Safety & Health (PUSH) Advocacy

Pediatricians Urging Safety and Health (PUSH) is a resident-led, resident-driven advocacy group that promotes child health at the local, state, and national level through legislative and community outreach. We collaborate with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), State of Kentucky, local schools, and community partners.  Our 2018-2019 projects including working locally to promote immigrant health, increasing our presence in the community through safety outreach, and working with legislators to enact gun safety laws to ensure our children are safe at home and at school.

We are looking forward to another great year of advocacy!

Meet Our Team


 Leaders of PUSH are active in the AAP Section of Medical Students, Residents and Fellow Trainees as well as the Kentucky Chapter of the AAP and AAP District IV, which includes Kentucky, Tennessee, North and South Carolina and Virginia.  We send 3-4 residents to the AAP-NCE meeting to participate in the trainee section advocacy day and another 3-4 residents, often leaders in PUSH, to the AAP spring legislative conference.  Trainees return and are able to teach their fellow residents what they have learned further enhancing our advocacy knowledge and skill set.

PUSH celebrated a year full of advocacy in 2017-2018!


Meet Our Team 



Current Member(s)

Title Description


Kevin Murray


Ashley Zerr

These positions work together to help create the framework for PUSH.


Tasks Include:

-Setting up the monthly PUSH noon conferences, including choosing topics and inviting speakers.

-Collaborating with the community to plan and organize monthly volunteer events.

-Work with medical school pediatrics student interest group to increase community presence.

-Facilitating the legislative and community branches of PUSH to ensure projects such as Legislative Day on the Capitol and high school sex education talks are scheduled.

-Act as delegates to AAP on behalf of the department.


Co-Presidents Elect

Judith Kabat

Brent Troy

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Delegates


Alex Healy
National AAP Delegate

Molly Flottman
AAP Program Delegate


The National AAP Delegate works closely with regional and national AAP members to develop yearly goals for the American Academy of Pediatrics. This delegate attends national meetings and gives the residents updates on current projects and ways to get involved.


KY AAP Representatives



Kelsey Field


Nick Miles

The Kentucky AAP Representatives assist our local AAP chapter in identify barriers specific to children residing in our community, and brainstorm ways to address these issues. They will also report back to our residents and offer further opportunities to get involved.

Community Outreach / Smoketown Liaisons


Paige DePriest

Priyanka Saxena

Zheyi Teoh

Smoketown is a local downtown neighborhood with a new multipurpose health center that has created opportunities for advocacy through medical care, food pantry on site with cooking classes, and summer programs to encourage exercise. These residents help with the planning of these events.

Legislative Committee

Nicole Barrett

Will Johansen

Nick Miles

Zheyi Teoh


The legislative committee works as a liaison between our advocacy group and our Kentucky state legislators. One of our major duties is organizing Children’s Day at the Capitol by setting up meetings with state senators/ representatives. We are also working to keep in more frequent contact with state legislators to develop lasting relationships with the PUSH group. In addition to children’s day they will work on coordinating letter writing campaigns to legislators.


Secretary / Treasurer

Jeremy Brown

Navigate PUSH's social media presence, help send weekly PUSH Emails. Get information from the PUSH meetings to all residents. Manage monetary responsibilities for PUSH, help fundraise and approve all PUSH expenditures



Sex Education Council

Andrea Calvo

Kelsey Field

Contact local high and middle school health teachers and coordinate scheduling for sexual health, healthy relationships, nutrition, or puberty education sessions.

Follow JCPS School Board meetings and advocate for comprehensive sexual health education.

Creating/Updating educational materials: Continue development of PowerPoints (sex ed, nutrition, puberty) and questionnaires for educational sessions.

Face It®


Nicole Barrett

Will Johansen

Face It® is a Kentucky organization designed to end child abuse. Duties including attending Face It® meetings, collaborating on ways to further the organization’s mission, and identifying ways residents can be more involved.


Food Insecurity Council

Courtney Sumner

Grant Turek

Collaborate with local food pantries and farmers to provide access to healthy foods for all members of our community.

Faculty Advisors

Brit Anderson, M.D.

Brit Anderson

Kim Boland