Additional Tools

Additional Tools

From entry into the program to graduation, residents are given resources to help prepare for each stage of their program.

Board Review Support

Each resident receives a generous Board Review support package including:

  • Text book stipend during intern year
  • Free MedStudy during their first and second year
  • Free PediaLink access to PREP The Curriculum® all three years
  • Free copy of Laughing Your Way to Passing the Pediatric Boards, by Stu Silverstein, MD, as a third year
  • Stipend to attend a board review course after graduation
  • Our noon conference curriculum is created directly from ACGME guidelines and ABP suggested materials


PREP Party and the Board Review Series

Based on resident feedback, we implemented a new approach to board study where the residents work through board review questions that pertain to a suggested reading assignment for each month. The conference is led by either a Chief Resident or Program Director in addition to a guest faculty member from the “specialty of the month” who helps facilitate discussion and expand on the questions/explanations. PREP Party occurs during noon conference once a month. Board Review Series takes place in the evening once a month.

Pediatric Resident Survival Guide

All incoming residents are given a pocket-sized “Pediatric Resident Survival Guide”, a handy reference guide includes charts, guidelines, contact lists and tips useful for everyday patient encounters. This resource was created by a former resident and is maintained through the Office of Medical Education.

Transition Booklet,Your Final Year of Residency Training

Created by our Office of Medical Education for our graduating residents, this booklet will aid your transition to a clinical practice setting, academic position or fellowship training.