Scholarly Activity

Scholarly Activity

Throughout our program, our residents work with their faculty mentors on scholarly activity in a planned progression, building on ideas formulated during their intern year and culminating in a poster presentation for the entire Department of Pediatrics during their senior year. Cash prizes are awarded to the top 6 presentations, which are announced during the graduation ceremony among peers, faculty, family and friends.

The learning objectives of the scholarly project are to:

  • improve understanding of a particular subject area related to child health;
  • improve skills in critical review of the medical literature and understanding of research methods;
  • develop personal experience in the advancement of medical knowledge; and
  • develop improved foundations in one or more of the following:
    1) advocacy or public health policy for children;
    2) preparation for research requirements for subspecialty fellowships;
    3) patient care quality improvement, and/or;
    4) practice-based continuing medical education.


2017 Projects

Original Research
Inpatient Endoscopy in Children - Prerana Aghamkar, MD

Use of Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (FAST) in Pediatric Trauma Patients - Emily Becker, DO

Identifying Factors to Improve Safety Seat Use in Children - Allison Black, MD [1st place winner]

Validating Minimal Volumes for Micronutrient Analysis of Human Milk - Amanda Farris, MD

Outcomes from an All Human Milk Diet in Very Low Birth Weight Infants:  A Single Site Experience - Lindsay Fleig, MD [2nd place winner]

Metabolic Screening in At-Risk Adolescents - Schot Hannan, MD

Independent Ketamine Administration by Advance Practice Registered Nurses for Pediatric Procedural Sedation - Erin Herstine, MD

Change in Use of Continuous Albuterol After Implementation of RT-Driven Asthma Weaning Protocol - Jacob Kaslow, MD [3rd place/Viewers' Choice winner]

Primary Care and Mentorship in Juvenile Justice - Shannon Lyon, DO, and Kathryn Thorne, MD

Utility of Chromosomal Microarray Among Pediatric Specialties - Carly Schuetz, MD, and Scott Terry, DO

Beyond the Nursery:  Breastfeeding Counseling in the Outpatient Setting - Elizabeth Stivers, MD

Youth Experiences Survey:  Screening At-Risk Caregivers in an Urban, Inner-City Pediatrics Clinic - Jennie Vavrousek, MD

Case Reports
Development of COPD in Children with Asthma:  A Case Series and Review of the Medical Literature - Mallory Baker, MD

Not Just Sinusitis:  Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis in an Adolescent - Caitlin Bowman, MD

Methotrexate Hypersensitivity Leading to a Successful Alternative Chemotherapy for Burkitts Lymphoma - Megan Gooch, MD

Baclofen Toxicity in a Pediatric Patient with Normal Renal Function - Stephanie Kwon, DO

The Hiccup Pickup:  New Neurologic Deficits in a Patient with Cerebral Palsy - Emily Miller, MD

All That's Purulent Is Not Staph:  A Case of Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis in an Adolescent Refugee - Nikki Strecker, MD [1st place winner]

Quality Improvement/Curriculum Development
Methods to Obtain Therapeutic Anti-Xa Levels for Pediatric Cardiology Patients on Lovenox (QI) - Doug Ansert, MD

A Process Improvement Project Using Education and Skills Modules to Decrease Blood Culture Contamination (QI) - Kayla Evans, MD

Improving Asthma H&Ps at Norton Children's Hospital (QI) - Mackenzie Lowery, MD [1st place winner]

Assessment of an Educational Intervention on Physician Knowledge of Child Passenger Safety (CD) - Cara Pope, MD

Optimization of Nutrition in Pediatric Patients with Cystic Fibrosis (QI) - Erica Stevens, MD

Improving Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates in Transplant Patients (QI) - Sara Woodring, MD

2016 Projects

Original Research
A Retrospective Review of the Addition of Enoxaparin to Heparinized Fluids for Thrombux Prevention in Neonates with Atrial Lines after Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease - Austin Biggs, MD

Successful Use of Fetal Tele-Echocardiography at a Small Regional Hospital - Julianna Brown, MD

Barriers to Health Care Access in Korean Children Living in Louisville, Kentucky - Angela Choe, MD [1st place winner]

Perceiving Carriers to Adequate Discharge Instructions Among Spanish-Speaking Patients - Jeff Chou, MD

Effects of Using Tablets as Translator Phones on Rates of Interpreter Use - Crystal English, MD

Evaluation of a Poverty & Social Justice Rotation in Pediatrics Residency Using Narrative Analysis - Jessica Holloman, MD [3rd place/Viewers' Choice winner]

A Novel Approach to Preoperative Planning in Complex Congenital Heart Disease:  3D CT Angiography Using a Myocardial Model and "Surgeon's Views" - Carmen Kiper, MD, PhD

Outpatient Pediatricians' Current Practice and Knowledge of Long-Acting Reversible Contraception - Emily Kisor, MD

Predictors of Caregiver Attitudes Toward Spanking in an Inner-City General Pediatrics Clinic - Libby Mims, MD [2nd place winner]

Validation of Point-of-Care INR Testing Versus Clinical Venipuncture:  A Prospective Cohort Pilot Study - Lerraughn Morgan, DO

Trends Among 7- and 30-Day Readmissions to an Academic Tertiary Care Children's Hospital - Lacy Ochs, MD

A Retrospective Analysis on the Effect of Human Milk on Prevention of Necrotizing Enterocolitis and Postnatal Growth - Natalie Pettit, MD

The Kids Club Daycare Increases Parent Satisfaction Among Medically-Fragile Kentucky Children - Sheel Shah, MD

Decreasing Mechanical Ventilator Support in Medically-Fragile Children with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia:  A Step-by-Step Weaning Protocol at a Pediatric Long-Term Extended Care Facility - Swetha Suresh, MD

Dissecting the Etiology of Atypical Chest Pain:  D-dimer as a Diagnostic Tool - Sarah Thayer, MD

Review of Use of Donase Alfa in Hospitalized Asthma Patients - Josh Yuen, MD

Case Report/Quality Improvement/Curriculum Development
Acceptable Ferrin Levels Maintained with No Evidence of Organ Iron Accumulation in a Sickle Cell Disease Patient After Six Year of Erythrocytapheresis (without Chelation Therapy) Even in the Setting of Hyperhemolysis (CR) - Caitlyn Cecil, MD

Improving Influenza Vaccination Rates in the Pediatric Emergency Department Through a Volunteer Student Research Program (QI) - Rob Clemons, MD

Improving Safe Sleep Practices for Hospitalized Infants (QI) - Danielle Connor, MD

Improving HIV Screening Rates in Adolescents in the Primary Care Setting (QI) - Maureen Crispin, MD [1st place winner]

National Immunization Project with the APA:  Improving HPV Immunization Rates in Practice-Based Settings (QI) - Aileen Searles, MD, and Rachel Snedecor, MD

Painful Hyperstimulation Phenomena Associated with Vagus Nerve Stimulator Magnet Firing:  Two Case Reports in Children with Refractory Epilepsy and Review of Literature (CR) - Safi Shareef, MD

Parental and Healthcare Providers' Attitudes Regarding the Indications for Antipyretics Before and After Implementation of an Educational Tool (CD) - Yu Ting, MD

Improving the Utilization of Spirometry in Pediatric Status Asthmaticus - Andrew Winslow, MD

Infant Safe Sleep Practices:  Improving Pediatric Resident Knowledge and the Ability to Discuss Infant Safe Sleep with Patient Families (CD) - Laura Chmilewski Winslow, MD