Program AIMS, Mission, Vision, & Values

Program AIMS

  • To train critically thinking general pediatricians who, through comprehensive clinical training, leave our program: feeling prepared to enter a variety of career fields; with ownership of their life-long learning; and with skills to lead at the institutional, community, and national level
  • To provide residents with the skills to advocate for their patients at all levels: the individual patient, the hospital or clinic, the community, the population
  • Create a culture with emphasis on patient safety, personal accountability, and the willingness to continuously and objectively evaluate our practices to improve our quality of care
  • To promote a scholarly approach to clinical, teaching, and research activities and provide role modeling, mentoring, and basic skills that prepare our residents for a future in medicine
  • To recruit, retain, and engage a diverse workforce that represents the population we serve and to foster a nurturing and supportive environment that values diverse perspectives





Our program mission is to develop well-rounded, balanced physicians with a deep commitment to their patients,
their profession, their community, and life-long learning by
providing a robust clinical environment, experiential curriculum,
innovative teaching, opportunities for scholarly activity
and attention to personal professional development
  • "Raise" the kind of pediatrician that makes us proud
  • Achieve our mission by being true to the strengths
    of our department
  • Allow residents the freedom to find their niche while encouraging personal accountability to their
    patients and themselves
  • Acceptance and Inclusion
  • Professionalism and respect to everyone, always
  • Advocacy -- community and safety
  • Well-being
  • Growth mindset
  • Self-regulated learning
  • Competence
  • Independence