About Us

Mission Statement: The purpose of the Pediatric Behavioral and Mental Health Alliance of Kentucky is to improve access to quality behavioral health services for children in Kentucky, promote training of primary care providers in diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems, and advocate for integrated models of behavioral health care.

Our history

The Pediatrics Behavioral and Mental Health Alliance of Kentucky was formed in October 2010 by a group of  UofL and community pediatricians who viewed mental and behavioral health as an area of critical concern.

The need

  • Pediatricians report spending up to 30 percent of office time to meeting behavioral health care needs of patients and families
  • 21 percent of children and adolescents in the U.S. meet diagnostic criteria for a mental health disorder
  • 16 percent of children have impaired mental health functioning but no specific diagnosis

Barriers to adequate treatment

  • Insufficient numbers of child psychiatrists and other mental health providers
  • Long waiting periods before seeing providers
  • Inadequate insurance coverage for mental health problems
  • Difficulty billing for these problems
  • Pediatrician concerns about inadequate training in identification, diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems

We welcome input from anyone with an interest and/or expertise in mental health. Please contact:
Gail Williams, M.D. or Elaine Martin, M.D.