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George Rodgers, MDDivsion Chief:  George C. Rodgers, Jr., MD, PhD





Tania ConduracheTania Condurache, M.
Director, International Resident Education




 Dan Stewart, MD
International Neonatology




 Mirzada Kurbasic, M.D.
General Pediatrics

A brief history

Formed in 1997, the Division of International Pediatrics has achieved the following international education accomplishments:

  • Coordinated departmental faculty in international activities
  • Facilitated faculty exchange and education programs in Romania, Poland and Moldova as a cooperative venture with the Humana Foundation and Humana, Inc. through generous donations from the Humana Foundation and Humana, Inc. until 2006.
  • Received endowments established in 2007 as part of “Bucks for Brains” at the University through donations by David and Betty Jones and the Humana Foundation to fund an Endowed Chair and ongoing programs
  • Completed missions in Eastern Europe and is currently serving other underserved areas of the world.


International Pediatrics today

Currently we are focused on other underserved areas of the world. Today, we:

  • Organize and support programs in Ecuador, Ghana, Vietnam, Moldova, Romania and Russia.
  • Support faculty teams on a regular basis (currently 8-10 programs per year) to travel and teach in partner institutions based on local unmet needs and priorities.
  • Support research opportunities for faculty, residents and medical students
  • Bring faculty from host countries to Louisville for periods of training in their respective pediatric subspecialties.
  • Actively work with local chapters of Healing the Children and Louisville Sister Cities


Our division supports an International Resident Rotation and Education program offering:

  • A Global Health Track including Certificate in Global Health
  • Resident and medical student education in International pediatric medicine
  • 4 week elective opportunities with partner institutions in Ecuador and Ghana offering exposure to different cultures, medical systems and diseases and to participate in medical practice in a supervised venue.
  • Second and third year pediatric and combined internal medicine and pediatrics residents in good standing a unique international experience
  • Financial assistance to cover part of costs

Traveling residents receive education and orientation regarding:

  • Necessary immunizations
  • Malaria prophylaxis
  • Safe water and food practices
  • Local customs relating to destination
  • Health services and local diseases in host country

For more information and how to apply, click here.


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