2012 Honors and Awards

2012  Top 3 Peer Faculty Mentor of the Year. Department of Pediatrics, University of Louisville

2012   Top 2 Teaching Division of the Year. In Honor of the Excellence in Clinical Teaching, Lecturing and Instruction (Division)

2012   Presidential Citation, Society of Critical Care Medicine (Montgomery)

2012   Department of Pediatrics Faculty Peer Clinician-Teacher Excellence Award for Junior Faculty (Calhoun)

2012   Educational Scholars Program, Cohort 4, Academic Pediatric Association (Potter)

National Recognition of Faculty Members

2012 NACHRI Creating Connections Annual Meeting, Patient Safety & Quality Improvement Chair (Montgomery)

2012 Chair, Resident Education and Recruitment Committee, Society of Critical Care Medicine (Potter)

2012 Comprehensive Review in Pediatric Critical Care Book Task Force, Society of Critical Care Medicine (Potter)


Calhoun AW, Boone M, Peterson E, Montgomery V, Boland K. Integrated In-situ Simulation Using Redirected Educational Time To Minimize Costs: A Feasibility Study. Simulation in Healthcare. 6(6):337-344.

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National/International Oral and Poster Presentations

Calhoun AW, Boone MC, Montgomery VL, Boland KA. The Use of Gap Analysis to Quantify Participant Self-Appraisal in Simulated Medical Crises. Presented at the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare, January 2012.

McDonald MJ: Pediatric Acupuncture, A Review  of 100 patients. 24th Annual Symposium of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, Atlanta, GA, April 26-29, 2012.

McDonald MJ:Tranverse Myelitis Spine Pain Treated with Acupuncture and Local Micro-Current Production. 31st Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Pain Society, Honolulu, HI, May 17, 2012.

Owen E, Calhoun AW, McDonald M. Reversible MRI Abnormalities in Ethylene Glycol Poisoning Managed with ICP Monitoring, Pentobarbital Coma, Hypercalcemia and Hyperosmolar Therapies. Accepted for presentation at the Society of Critical Care Medicine Annual Congress, February 2012.

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Peterson EB, Bryant K, Calhoun AW, McKinley T, Miller KH, Murray S, Porter M, Potter KE, Boland K. Toward a broader concept: "Teaching interpersonal and communication skills in medical education." Oral Presentation at the Southern Group on Educational Affairs, Lexington KY; April 21, 2012.

Ruppe M, Cardiac Critical Care: Positioning KCH for Success: Pediatric Critical Care Division Meeting Topic Review (April 2012).

Anderson J, Mayes S, Owen E, Sullivan JE. "Safety of Endotracheal Lidocaine in Critically Ill Chidren." ACCP Virtual Poster Symposium. (Submitted January 13, 2012).


McDonald MJ: Pediatric Japanese Acupuncture: A One Year Experience, The Journal of Pain 13(4): S69(Abstract), April 2012.

McDonald MJ: Transverse Myelitis Spine Pain Treated with Acupuncture and Local Micro-Current Production, The Journal of Pain 13(4): S70(Abstract), April 2012.

Orman K, U of L Pediatric Resident Clinical Management Conference Lecturer, residents "Prehospital Management of the Pediatric Patient", University of Louisville Division of Pediatric Critical Care Fellow Lecturer: "Macrophage Activation Syndrome", "Organophosphate Toxicity", "Tetralogy of Fallot", "Traumatic Brain Injury & Intracranial Hypertension" (2012).

Boland K, Calhoun A, Hughes-Miller K, Potter K,Porter M. Workshop: Toward a Broader Concept: Teaching Interpersonal and Communication Skills in Medical Education. Southern Group on Educational Affairs Annual Conference. Lexington, KY (April 2012).


Sullivan JE (PI), Berkenbosch JW, Condurache CT. An Open-label, Non-randomized, Multicenter, Ascending Dose by Age, Single- and Multiple-dose Evaluation of the Effectiveness, Safety, and Tolerablility of Oral Liquid Oxymorphone HCI Immediate-release Oral liquid for Acute Postoperative Pain in Pediatric Subjects. Endo Pharmaceutical. Protocol EN3319-302. Phase III. HSPPO #10.0548. $90,429. (2011 - Present).

Stewart DL, Sullivan JE, Condurache CT, Berkenbosch JW. " A Phase II/III, Open-Label Multicenter, Safety, Efficacy and Pharmacokinetic Study of Dexmedetomidine in Neonates Ages > 28 Weeks to < 44 Weeks Gestational Age." Hospira. Protocol DEX-09-08. Phase II/III. HSPPO #10.0550. $68,34. 2010 - Present. (1%).

Berkenbosch JW, Sullivan JE. A Multicenter, Inpatient, Open-label Study to Characterize the Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Efficacy of Intravenouos Dosing of Buprenophine in Pediatric Patients Aged from Birth to 6 Years of Age (inclusive) Who Require Opioid Analgesia for Acute Moderate to Severe Pain. Purdue Pharma L.P. Protocol BUP3030. Phase III. HSPPO #11.0438. $10,890.  (2011 - Present).

Calhoun A, Porter M, Cater L, Hilbert T, Montgomery V, Orman K. A Proposal to Enhance the Emergency Care of Critically Ill Children Using Simulation Technology. $19,319 Kentucky Hospital Research and Education Foundation. (February 2011-Ongoing)-Primary Investigator

Sweeney BR and McDonald MJ. "Health for Life! Weight Management/Intervention Program." Sponsor NA. Protocol N/A. Phase N/A. HSPPO# 11.0176. Contract with Passport Insurance. (2010-2012).

Montgomery VL, Sullivan JE. Observation of Multi-center Quality Improvement Project: Improving Safety and Quality of Tracheal Intubation Practice in Pediatric ICU's. National Institute of Health Subcontract with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Protocol 09-007253. Phase N/A. HSPPO #10.02838 $2,090 (2012-Present).

Montgomery VL, Sullivan JE. Condurache CT. "Genetic Epidemiology and Immune Response to Life-threatening Influenza Infection in Children and Young Adults." PALISI Network/NIH. Protocol X08-11-0534. Phase N/A. HSPPO #09.0641. Award # 1RO1AI08401101A1. $12,150. (2011 Present)

Owen E, Department of Pediatrics Pilot Research Grant $8,000 (2012).

Porter MB, Sullivan JE, Berkenbosch JW, Calhoun AW, Montgomery VL, Ruppe MD, Padmanabhan P, McDonald MJ, Orman K, Potter KE, Hardin AO, Sears LL. "Therapeutic Hypothermia After Pediatric Cardiac Arrest: The THAPCA Trials." Subcontract with the University of Michigan. NIH. Protocol N/A. Phase N/A. HSPPO #10.0464. $47,423. (2010-Present).

Calhoun A, Porter M, Carter L, Hilbert T, Montgomery V, Orman K. A Proposal to Enhance the Emergency Care of Critically Ill Children Using Simulation Technology. $18,000, WHAS Crusade for Children. (2010-Ongoing).

Montgomery VL, Calhoun A, Sullivan JE, Berkenbosch JW, Porter M, Potter KE, Gupta M, Hardin A. "Genetic Epidemilogy of Life-Threatening Influenza Infection in Chidren and young adults." PALISI Network. Protocol N/A. Phase N/A. HSPPO# 08.0642. $30,000. (On-going).

Sullivan JE (PI). "Goal-directed Resuscitative Interventions during Pediatric Inter-facility Transport." NIH. Subcontract Arkansas Children's Hospital Research Institute. #1R21HD060171-01A2. $22,098. (2011-Present).

Sullivan JE (PI),  Rabalais GP. "Kosair Charities Pediatric Clinical Research Unit." Kosair Charities. Grant #712H $175,000. (N/A). (2011-2012).

Invited Lectures

Sullivan, JE. Lorazepam Trial: Challenges of Pediatric Sedation Scores. Clinical Development Programs for Sedation Products: Public Workshop. FDA Sedation Workshop for Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. Sliver Springs, MD. May 3, 2012. (Sullivan)

Faculty for the IPSS/INSPIRE Pediatric Simulation Research Webinar Series June 20, 2012 - Demystifying Psychometrics: Assessment Tool Creation and Validation 101 (Calhoun)

Faculty for the IPSS/INSPIRE Pediatric Simulation Research Webinar Series- Demystifying Psychometrics: Assessment tool Creation and Validation 101 (Calhoun)

Japanese Acupuncture in Western Society, 2 workshops, 6th Annual University of Louisville Health Sciences Center Cultural Competency Workshop, Louisville KY (McDonald)

Pediatric Grand Rounds, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Databases, Safety, and Getting to Zero (Montgomery)

Faculty for the Center for Simulation and Research 2011 Regional Simulation Conference: Creating a Culture of Change Workshop Presenter- Making Your Learning Points Stick With Written and Graphical Feedback (Peterson)

Unique Contributions to Kosair Children's Hospital and Norton Healthcare

Annual Pediatric Pharmacology Symposium, Chair of the Planning Committee

Developed and implemented multidisciplinary committee to focus on patient safety-2005. Serve as Chair (Montgomery)

Developed and implemented Staff-Led safety walk rounds (Montgomery)

Pediatric Patient Safety Officier for Norton Healthcare (Montgomery)

Have led initiatives aimed at decreasing patient harm events, improving outcomes, and improving patient safety culture (Montgomery)

Invited to serve on on the Executive Patient Safety Council for Norton Healthcare (Montgomery)

Co-chair Pediatric Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infection Collaborative (Montgomery)