Welcome to Pathology

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine continues to maintain its primary teaching program at the University of Louisville Hospital, but relies heavily on support for its residency and fellowship training with Norton Hospital, Jewish Hospital, and the Medical Examiner’s Office. Under the direction of Dr. Toni Ganzel, Dean of the School of Medicine, we are developing a new approach to healthcare, research and education.

See more about our new approach to healthcare, research, education and our Chairman, Dr. Eyas Hattab.

The MARCH Pathology Spotlight is on:

A Message of Gratitude to our Laboratory Workforce from the Chair.

Some Shout Outs to:

Jason Tucker-Pathology Assistant who has been very patient and has a positive attitude in the gross room. 
Dr. Nazeer has been utilizing an effective form of teaching that residents are appreciating.

A note of praise from Dr. Meena-Leist to Khaled and Tiffani for their exemplary performance in the Blood Bank this week!!.

From the Resident's Corner:

With all the upsetting news encompassing the COVID-19 pandemic, we could all benefit from seeing more positivity. Congrats to our residents who are making a difference in a time of need.

In the News: 

Our very own Clinical chemistry fellow, Dr. Norah Alghamdi, was featured in the Courier Journal taking COVID-19 precautions. To see the full photo gallery of the Courier Journal's COVID-19 community impact feature, please visit Courier Journal COVID.

The FEBRUARY Spotlight is on:

We recognize and congratulate those in our department for their many years of service to U of L Health. Thank you for all you do!

The United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology held their 109th annual meeting entitled "Eyes On You" from February 29-March 5 in Los Angeles, California. Louisville's finest attended and also made time to take part in the USCAP resident dinner held at LA's famous restaurant, The Palm. Guests included Dr. Khaled Alkhateeb, Dr. Mostafa Fraig, Dr. Nidal Almasri, Dr. Rana Almasri, Dr. Houda Alatassi, Dr. Samer Al-Quran, Dr. Eyas Hattab, Dr. Sarah Javidiparsijani, Dr. Mohammed Alghamdi and Dr. Hiba Al-Dallal.