Headache Mini-Fellowship

Headache Mini-Fellowship

Director: Dr. Michael K. Sowell
Contact: 852-3284
E-mail: mksowe01@louisville.edu

Duration: 3-6 months

The headache mini-fellowship is intended for residents in neurology who may have a particular interest in headache disorders. Patients with both primary and secondary headache disorders will be evaluated. Residents will be expected to write a case report or review type article on a topic within the Headache specialty which will be suitable for publication.


  • To learn a systematic approach to the evaluation and management of the patient with headaches.
  • To be able to distinguish between the primary and secondary headache disorders
  • To learn a variety of treatment protocols for acute and inpatient disorders
  • To learn and be able to manage the various medical, neurologic and psychiatric co morbidities in individuals with headache disorders
  • To distinguish between acute and preventative treatments for headache and how to choose among them


  • To evaluate and manage outpatients with headache disorders in the University of Louisville Comprehensive Headache Program.
  • To attend headache clinic with Dr. Sowell
  • To potentially manage inpatient consults on patients with headache disorders
  • To write a case report or review type article on a subject within the field of headache