Neurology Clerkship

Course Number


Course Director & Faculty

Contact Person

Connie Elgan
Educational Programs Coordinator
University of Louisville
Department of Neurology, HSC-A #113
500 S Preston Street
Louisville KY 40292


University of Louisville Hospital


Length, 4 weeks—Offered year round—Time, 8:00 a.m.

Course Description

All students are required to spend at least two weeks of the four-week rotation on the wards at the University of Louisville Hospital and other downtown hospitals on either the Stroke or General Neurology service. Those electing to spend all four weeks on the wards will be assigned to both services in two, two-week blocks. Students are assigned in advance for the second two-week block to either Pediatric Neurology, Neurosurgery, or Outpatient Clinics.

The rotation emphasizes recording complete history and physical examinations concluding with an analysis of cases and appropriated diagnostic tests. Students must demonstrate a thorough neurologic examination by the end of the rotation, as evaluated by a standardized patient examination. One of the main educational goals is localization of lesions in the nervous system and accordingly, assessments of new patients should always include statements addressing this. Students are urged to consult literature pertinent to clinical problems they encounter and are required to attend several hours of formal lectures, in addition to bedside teaching, provided by both faculty and residents in the Department of Neurology. Lectures include a broad overview of topics in neurology, intended to supplement the reading and clinical experience during the rotation.

Method of Evaluation

Final examination for this rotation is the Neurology Subject Examination administered by the National Board of Medical Examiners. The examination is given on the final Friday of the rotation. Passing criteria is based on the national mean recommended by NBME. Those interested in earning honors must meet the NBME minimum score requirements for honors, be recommended for honors by their attending physician and write a short paper on a neurological topic, arranged with the clerkship director.

Written examination: 60%
Subjective faculty evaluation: 20%
SP exam: 20%