Uldis N. Streips, Ph.D.

Uldis N. Streips, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Dr. Streips no longer has an active microbiology research laboratory. He is still heavily involved in research, but this is in medical education. He is also the chief editor of a medical education research journal. He serves as the vice chair for educational activities. He is the course director for Medical Microbiology and Immunology and also the Block testing committee chair. He serves on the medical school Educational Policy Committee.

Selected Publications

Streips, U.N., Virella, G., Greenberg, R.B., Blue, A. Marvin, F.M. Coleman, M.T. and M.B. Carter. 2006. Analysis on the effects of block testing in the medical preclinical curriculum. JIAMSE, 16:10-18.

Stevenson, F.T. and U.N. Streips. 2007. Pre-course online quizzes: a facile way to get students up to speed at the start of your course. JIAMSE, 17: 87-90.

Streips, U.N. 2007. Quizzes are for learning not just evaluation. JIAMSE, 17 (1S):7-8.

Azeem, N., Gerard, C., and U.N. Streips. 2007. Peer-review sessions: a novel approach to medical student education. JIAMSE, 17 (2S):1-2.