Haribabu Bodduluri, Ph.D.

Haribabu Bodduluri, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Chemoattractant Receptors play an important role in host response to infection, tumor metastasis, atherosclerosis, asthma and in the development and pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. These receptors in phagocytes activate adhesion, chemotaxis, endocytosis, exocytosis and activation of the respiratory burst.  A major focus of research in our laboratory is to understand the molecular basis for many of these activities and determine how abnormal regulation of these activities contributes to inflammatory diseases and cancer. We developed biochemical, cell biological and animal models for understanding the function and regulation of chemoattractant receptors. Studies are underway to determine the structure/activity relationships of leukotriene receptors and chemokine decoy receptors using an iterative approach of molecular modeling and validation by mutagenesis and cell biology.

We generated, by targeted gene disruption, leukotriene B4 receptor (BLT1, BLT2 and BLT1/BLT2 double deficient) deficient mice as well as transgenic animals expressing these receptors for functional studies. Using these mice we have demonstrated leukotriene receptors are critical mediators of atherosclerosis, arthritis and inflammation promoted lung tumors. Further studies in our laboratory will take advantage of these molecular, cellular and animal models to delineate the mechanisms of leukotriene and chemokine decoy receptors in host defense, inflammatory diseases and in tumor development and metastasis.

Selected Publications:

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Basu, S., V. R. Jala, S. P. Mathis, S. T. Rajagopal, P. A. Del, P. Maturu, J. O. Trent, and B. Haribabu. 2007. Critical role for polar residues in coupling leukotriene B4 binding to signal transduction in BLT1. Journal of Biological Chemistry 282:10005.

Del Prete. A., W. H. Shao, S. Mitola, G. Santoro, S. Sozzani, and B. Haribabu. 2007. Regulation of dendritic cell migration and adaptive immune response by leukotriene B4 receptors: a role for LTB4 in up-regulation of CCR7 expression and function. Blood 109:626.

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