Recent PhD Recipients

Recent PhD Recipients

YearGraduateDegreeMentorDissertation Title
 John PerpichPhDDr. Yousef Abu Kwaik

"Molecular characterization of an eukaryotic-like F-box protein of Legionella pneumophila"

 Blair SchneiderPhDDrs. Donald Demuth and James Graham

"Identification and Characterization of Type II Toxin/Anti-toxin Systems in Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans"

 Bindu HegdePhDDr. Haribabu Bodduluri

“Inflammasome Independent Leukotriene-B4 Production Drives Crystalline Silica-Induced Sterile Inflammation”

SenguptaShuvasree SenguptaPhDDrs. Thomas Mitchell and Silvia Uriarte"Revisiting neutrophil responses to Toll-like receptor 4: influence of ligand structures and cellular environments"
ArmstrongCortney ArmstrongPhDDr. Silvia Uriarte"Characterizaiton of Filifactor alocis and its immune evasion strategies employed against human neutrophils"
 Kyle WoodwardPhDDrs. Haval Shirwan and Esma Yolcu"Targeting Fas Pathway as an Effective Means of Inducing Tolerance to Pancreatic Islets"
fodah defenseRamy FodahPhDDr. Jon Warawa

“In vivo monitoring of therapeutic efficacy and virulence profile by bioluminescent Klebsiella pneumoniae”

Hampartsoum “HB” BarsoumianPhDDrs. Haval Shirwan and Esma YolcuSA-4-1BBL as a Modulator of Innate, Adaptive, and Regulatory Immunity: Implications for Cancer Prevention and Treatment
Christopher FlemingPhDDr. Jun YanMicrobiota Activated CD103+ DCs Stemming from Oral Microbiome Adaptation Specifically Drive γδT17 Proliferation and Systemic Expansion
Michael ConnorPhDDr. Matt Lawrenz

“Identification of host factors required for Yersinia pestis macrophage intracellular survival and the impact on vacuole maturation, acidification and trafficking”

Gerald "Tad" Dryden, MDPhDDr. Jill Suttles"Impact of Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a Broad-spectrum Anti-inflammatory, in Controlling Intestinal Factors Contributing to Inflammatory Bowel Disease"
Maria GutierrezPhDDr. Jon Warawa

Characterization of the Role of the Burkholderia Pseudomallei Type III Secretion System Using in Vivo Imaging

Zinal ChhedaPh.D.Dr. Hari Bodduluri"Chemoattractant receptors BLT1 and CXCR3 regulate antitumor immunity by facilitating CD8+ T cell migration into tumors"
Whitney WeigelPh.D.Dr. Don Demuth

“Functional characterization of A. actinomycetemcomitans QseBC: a bacterial adrenergic receptor and global regulator of virulence”

Jeremy CampPh.D.Dr. Colleen Jonsson

"Critical insights into the pathogenesis of clinical isolates of pandemic influenza A(H1N1)2009 viruses in mouse and ferret models

Rachael GerlachPh.D.Dr. Colleen Jonsson"Early Host Responses and Immune Signaling to 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) Viruses in Primary Cell Culture Models”
Justin HutchersonPh.D.Dr. David Scott"Characterization of the innate response to the RagB protein of Porphyromonas gingivalis"
Carolyn RobersonPh.D.Dr. Jill Suttles

“Modulation of the ovarian cancer humoral response by tumor-derived exosomes”

Matt BruckertPh.D.Dr. Yousef Abu Kwaik

“Modulation of host polyubiquitination by the AnkB F-Box protein of Legionella pneumophila

Joey KolbPh.D.Dr. Thomas Mitchell"A mechanism for TRIF adaptor-biased signaling by Toll-like receptor 4"
Courtney MitchellPhDDr. Jill Suttles

“IL-12 induced modulation of tumor associated myeloid cell inflammatory responsiveness”

Yanfang "Peipei" ZhuPhDDr. Jill Suttles

“Regulation of macrophage inflammatory signaling pathways by AMP-activated protein kinase”

Gunes DincPh.D.Dr. Haval Shirwan and Dr. Esma Yolcu

“SA-4-1BBL as a platform to develop adjuvant systems for prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines”

 Anita ChhabraPhDDr. Michele Kosiewicz

“Role For Tolerogenic Gut CD103+ Dendritic Cells in The Protection Of Male Lupus-Prone Mice From Disease”

Kelly CarrollPhDDr. Jill Suttles

“AMP-activated protein kinase regulation of myeloid antigen presenting cell activity.”

Arin ZirnheldPhDDr. Pascale Alard

“The involvement of beta-catenin in the inflammatory response leading to autoimmune diabetes development”

Sobha BodduluriPhDDr. Venkatakrishna Jala

“Mast cell T-cell interactions in inflammatory chemokine mediated immune surveillance of intestinal cancer