Recent PhD Recipients

Recent PhD Recipients

YearGraduateDegreementorDissertation Title
Carolyn RobersonPh.D.Dr. Jill Suttles

“Modulation of the ovarian cancer humoral response by tumor-derived exosomes”

Matt BruckertPh.D.Dr. Yousef Abu Kwaik

“Modulation of host polyubiquitination by the AnkB F-Box protein of Legionella pneumophila

Joey KolbPh.D.Dr. Thomas Mitchell"A mechanism for TRIF adaptor-biased signaling by Toll-like receptor 4"
Courtney MitchellPhDDr. Jill Suttles

“IL-12 induced modulation of tumor associated myeloid cell inflammatory responsiveness”

Yanfang "Peipei" ZhuPhDDr Jill Suttles

“Regulation of macrophage inflammatory signaling pathways by AMP-activated protein kinase”

Gunes DincPh.D.Dr. Haval Shirwan and Dr. Esma Yolcu

“SA-4-1BBL as a platform to develop adjuvant systems for prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines”

Anita ChhabraPhDDr. Michele Kosiewicz

“Role For Tolerogenic Gut CD103+ Dendritic Cells in The Protection Of Male Lupus-Prone Mice From Disease”

Kelly CarrollPhDDr. Jill Suttles

“AMP-activated protein kinase regulation of myeloid antigen presenting cell activity.”

Arin ZirnheldPhDDr. Pascale Alard

“The involvement of beta-catenin in the inflammatory response leading to autoimmune diabetes development”

Sobha BodduluriPhDDr. Venkatakrishna Jala

“Mast cell T-cell interactions in inflammatory chemokine mediated immune surveillance of intestinal cancer”