Chair's Message

Chair's Message

2014 lived up to our expectations as a busy and dynamic year.  We completed our move to the new facilities on the 6th floor of the Clinical and Translational Research Building.  Our brand new state-of-the-art Core facility is now operational offering a 4-laser, 16-color LSR Fortessa, a 2-laser 7-color FACS Aria III with 4-way sorting capability, an anaerobic chamber and other major equipment to University scientists.  Most importantly, Drs. Bing Li and Nathan Schmidt whose research programs focus on tumor immunology and malaria, respectively, joined the Department as primary faculty.  Separately, our faculty successfully garnered 9 new federal and foundation grants in 2014 providing a strong boost to overall research activity.  We also increased the number of our Associate faculty from 27 to 32 affording more options to incoming graduate students.  We are looking forward to maintaining the momentum for growth in 2015 by recruiting additional faculty in collaboration with other Departments and Centers, expanding our existing research grant portfolio and enhancing our educational programs.  Below, please find a snapshot of our academic environment and city.

The Department currently has 22 primary and 32 associate faculty leading highly-collaborative research and educational programs.  The primary programs are fueled by 44 research staff and over 40 graduate students.  Major areas of focus include bacterial and viral pathogenesis with particular emphasis on biodefense agents, vaccines, tumor immunity, autoimmune disease and basic immune mechanisms.  Please check out our updated faculty profiles for detailed information.

The Health Sciences campus is located in downtown Louisville in close proximity to newly-constructed housing for downtown living, diverse restaurants (fourth highest number per capita in the US) and cultural activities.  Metropolitan Louisville, with a population of over a million, is home to the Kentucky Derby and the 2013 NCAA Champion University of Louisville Cardinals, and was chosen as the most livable city in America by the US Conference of Mayors in 2012.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions regarding academic opportunities in The Department of Microbiology and Immunology.

Best regards,

Nejat Egilmez, Ph.D.