Institute of Molecular Cardiology, Miller win MediStar Awards

Accolades recognize innovation and leadership that lead to improvements in medical care.

The Institute of Molecular Cardiology, under the leadership of Roberto Bolli, M.D., FAHA, received the Healthcare Innovation Award and Donald Miller, M.D., Ph.D., director of the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, was named the XLerateHealth Physician of the Year at the MediStar Awards presented May 13 at the Hyatt Regency Louisville.

The Healthcare Innovation Award is presented to an organization that has developed a new procedure, device, service program or treatment that improves the delivery of medical care.

Under the leadership of Bolli, Chief of the U of L Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and the Jewish Hospital Heart & Lung Institute Distinguished Chair in Cardiology, the Institute of Molecular Cardiology (IMC) has become recognized worldwide as a leading cardiovascular research program for its contributions in ischemic heart disease, heart failure, diabetes and obesity and adult stem cell therapy for cardiac repair and regeneration.

Established in 2001, the IMC consistently brings more than $13 million annually in federal funding to the Louisville Metro region in developing novel treatments and future cures for the nation’s No. 1 killer, cardiovascular disease.

The XLerateHealth Physician of the Year Award is conferred upon a physician who has shown outstanding leadership and vision and has contributed to his or her workplace, leaving a lasting legacy.

Named director of the Brown Cancer Center in 1999, Miller also is the Chief of the Division of Medical Oncology & Hematology and the James Graham Brown Foundation Chair and Professor of Oncology and Associate Vice President for Health Affairs at U of L.

Under his leadership, the JGBCC developed a nationally recognized leadership program in cancer drug development with more than two dozen novel treatments being studied and three entering early phase clinical trials. Miller’s own laboratory is currently studying short DNA sequences which are believed to cause cancer cell death; it is expected that treatments from his lab will enter clinical trials within the next two years.

Since 2007 IGE Media, publisher of Medical News and Medical News For You, has recognized excellence at the annual MediStar Awards, honoring professionals, volunteers and programs for their impact on health care.

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