Kenneth R. McLeish, M.D., FACP

Kenneth R. McLeish, M.D., FACP

Kenneth R. McLeish, M.D.

Kenneth R. McLeish, M.D., FACP

  • Professor of Medicine
  • Chief of Nephrology, Robley Rex Veterans Affairs Medical Center
VA Medical Center
800 Zorn Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206

502-852-5757 - Academic Office
502-287-4000 - VAMC

Clinical Expertise
Nephrology; Lupus Nephritis; Glomerulonephritis


Board Certifications

  • American Board of Internal Medicine -
    Internal Medicine / Nephrology


Education and Training

  • Medical School: Indiana University
  • Residency: Indiana University Medical Center
  • Fellowship: Indiana University Medical Center


Featured Publications

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