Our Residents

Our Residents

Meet the Current Residents

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Life After Residency

We are proud that our graduates are sought after. In fact, 93% of our graduates interested in fellowship training match in the subspecialty of their choosing.

In addition, approximately 40% of our graduates take jobs in general internal medicine - either as hospitalists or in outpatient practice.

Take a look below at where our recent graduates continued their careers:

2016 graduating residentsClass of 2016-2017

  • Shifat Ahmed, Gastroenterology, University of Arizona

  • Lisanne Anders, Gastroenterology, University of Louisville

  • Christopher Angus, Cardiology, University of Arizona

  • Evelyn Azabache-Orrillo, Hospitalist, Louisville, KY

  • Brittany Cavanaugh, Primary Care, New Haven, CT

  • Corey Cavanaugh, Nephrology, Yale University

  • Christopher Clarke, Pulmonary/Critical Care, University of South Alabama

  • Imad Jafaar, Gastroenterology, University of Louisville

  • Nikhil Kadle, Gastroenterology, University of Florida

  • Fahad Khan, Hospitalist, University of Louisville

  • Richard Kim, Pulmonary/Critical Care, University of Louisville

  • Andrew Kiser, Chief Resident in Quality & Safety, Robley Rex Veteran's Affairs Medical Center, Louisville, KY

  • Yash Kothari, Internal Medicine Chief Resident, University of Louisville

  • Nanlong Liu, Gastoenteology, University of Louisville

  • Suzanne McGee, Internal Medicine Chief Resident, University of Louisville

  • Christopher Migliore, Internal Medicine Chief Resident, University of Louisville

  • Takudzwa Mkorombindo, Hospitalist, University of Louisville

  • Aniruddh Patel, Gastroenterology, University of Louisville

  • Robert Pearce, Cardiology, Allegheny College

  • John Price, Pulmonary/Critical Care, University of Louisville

  • Taj Rahman, Pulmonary/Critical Care, University of Kentucky

  • Jeffrey Keith Rogers, Hospitalist, Elizabethtown, KY

  • Bilal Salame, Oncology/Hematology, University of Florida

  • Nelson Seabrook, Internal Medicine Chief Resident, University of Louisville

2016 graduating residentsClass of 2015-2016

  • Patrick Baumann, Hospitalist, Louisville, KY

  • David Bercovici, General Internal Medicine, Louisville, KY

  • Michael Burk, Pulmonary/Critical Care, Indiana University

  • Robert Burkes, Pulmonary/Critical Care, University of North Carolina

  • Dmitry Familtsev, Cardiology, University of Arizona

  • Kristen Gonter-Aubin, Hematology/Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL

  • Frederick Griffiths, Hospitalist, Albany, NY

  • Nathan Hicks, Hospitalist/Clinical Teaching Attending, Boise, ID

  • Zeeshan Hussain, Cardiology, Loyola University Chicago

  • Andrew Lally, Palliative Care, University of Louisville

  • Kimberly Leake, Palliative Care, University of Louisville

  • Amanda Lewis, Allergy/Immunology, University of Iowa

  • Matthew Lykins, Hospitalist, Louisville, KY

  • Rachel Mather, Hospitalist, Atlanta, GA

  • Patrick McKenzie, Gastroenterology, University of Utah

  • Chirag Patel, Gastroenterology, University of Texas-San Antonio

  • Steven Ramos, Private Practice, San Antonio, TX

  • Sarah Reid, Hospitalist, Louisville, KY

  • Adam Robison, Hospitalist, Twin Falls, ID

  • Christopher Schmitt, Hospitalist, Louisville, KY

  • Jacquelene Steele, Chief Resident in Quality & Safety, Robley Rex Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Louisville, KY

  • Gregg Wendorf, Gastroenterology, University of Louisville

  • Theodore Brady Wright, Clinical Informatics, Oregon Health & Science University

2015 Graduating ResidentsClass of 2014-2015

  • Geetika Bhatt, Hematology/Oncology, The Ohio State University

  • Udit Chaddha, Pulmonary/Critical Care, University of Southern California

  • Susan Dee, Internal Medicine Faculty, University of Louisville

  • LaTasha Henry, Gastroenterology, University of Louisville

  • Ryan Hogancamp, Hospitalist, Louisville, KY

  • Anub John, Cardiology, University of Louisville

  • Jonathan Kapp, Primary Care, Norton Healthcare, Louisville, KY

  • Justin Kingery, Global Health Research/Instructor of Medicine, Cornell University/New York Presbyterian Hospital

  • Felicia Longenecker, Primary Care, Baptist Medical Associates, Louisville, KY

  • Jon Mares, Nephrology, Johns Hopkins University

  • Vivak Master, Cardiology, Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Matthew Middaugh, Hospitalist, Houston, TX

  • Kavita Patel, Hospitalist, UCLA Santa Monica Hospital, Los Angeles, CA

  • Wasiq Rawasia, Cardiology, University of Louisville

  • Amrik Ray, Pulmonary/Critical Care, Yale University

  • Erik Schneibel, Cardiology, University of Florida

  • Tyler Sharpe, Academic Internal Medicine, University of Louisville

  • Sanjeev Singh, Gastroenterology, University of Cincinnati

  • Rahul Sinha, Cardiology, Allegheny College

  • Alison Smith, Gastroenterology, East Tennessee State University

  • Seth Weaver, Hospitalist, FirstHealth, Moore Regional Hospital, Pinehurst, NC

Class of 2013-2014Class of 2013-2014

  • Leslie Beavin, Infectious Diseases, University of Louisville

  • Nirmanmoh Bhatia, Cardiology, Vanderbilt University

  • Rahel Bosson, Faculty, University of Louisville

  • Zarna Dahya, Hospitalist, Reston, VA

  • Elizabeth Dicken, Hospitalist, Columbus, OH

  • Luisa Franco, Nephrology, University of Louisville

  • Amaninderapal Ghotra, Heart Failure, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

  • Matthew Haney, Hospitalist, Atlanta, GA

  • Alan Jackson, Hospitalist, Louisville, KY

  • Ami Joglekar, Rheumatology, Vanderbilt University

  • Shannon Kauffmann, Private Practice, Columbus, OH

  • Alan Kerr, Hematology & Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL

  • Sambhavi Krishnamoorthy, Nephrology, Washington University

  • Thorsten Leucker, Cardiology, The Johns Hopkins University

  • Melissa Makar, Nephrology, Duke University

  • Robert McCracken, Hospitalist, Louisville, KY

  • Ishan Mehta, Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine, UCLA

  • Jonathan Obert, Gastroenterology, University of Louisville

  • Olga Pinkston, Robley Rex VA Medical Center, Louisville, KY

  • Mohamedtauqir Puthawala, Hospitalist, Providence, RI

  • Stephen Richards, Hospitalist, Louisville, KY

  • Joey Sandhu, Hospitalist, Louisville, KY

  • Tanya Shoaib, Private Practice, Bowling Green, KY

  • Robin Singh, Cardiology, University of South Florida

  • Matthew Woodford, Pulmonary/Critical Care, Thomas Jefferson University

2013 residentsClass of 2012-2013

  • Ziad Alnabki, Cardiology, University of Louisville

  • Anna Burke, Academic Internal Medicine, University of Michigan

  • Kenneth Drane, Sleep Medicine, Louisiana State University-Shreveport

  • Ryan Fields, Hospitalist, Louisville, KY

  • Ramy Husainy, Infectious Diseases, University of Louisville

  • Kirk Jenkins, Rheumatology, University of Kentucky

  • Jaimini Jodhani, Infectious Diseases, Baylor University

  • Alice Johnson, Primary Care, Louisville, KY

  • Thomas Johnston, Private Practice, Bardstown, KY

  • Adam Lenet, Sleep Medicine, Indiana University

  • Jason Mann, Pulmonary/Critical Care, University of Louisville

  • Gregory Pfister, Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine, University of Louisville

  • Swathi Rao, Endocrinology, Case Western Reserve University

  • Mardeli Saire Mendoza, Gastroenterology, Oschner Clinic, New Orleans, LA

  • Michael Scott, Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine, Northwestern University

  • Tarsheen Sethi, Post Doctoral Research, Leland Stanford Junior University

  • Hamza Shah, Gastroenterology, University of Louisville

  • Blair Spence, Hospitalist, Louisville, KY

  • Monalisa Tailor, Academic Internal Medicine, University of Louisville

  • Ziad Taimeh, Cardiology, University of Minnesota

  • Deepali Tukaye, Cardiology, The Ohio State University

  • Benjamin Wheeler, Gastroenterology, University of Louisville