Clinical Research Internship

Clinical Research Internship

The University of Louisville provides visiting physicians and researchers opportunities for immersive learning through its Clinical Research Internship. Our program includes comprehensive training in all aspects of clinical research—from idea conception to manuscript publication—by observing and participating in active clinical research studies.


Our internship training program welcomes interested professionals and researchers from a wide range of disciplines and is tailored for individual learning goals by combining hands-on learning experiences and classroom-style instruction. Participants are introduced to the process of clinical research, from idea to publication, with the goals of: learning and understanding the clinical research infrastructure in the United States; developing skills necessary for initiating and managing a clinical research program; and administering university-based clinical and translational research.


The Clinical Research Internship Program is built for continuous learning, with the opportunity of completing up to four (4) course levels. The program operates Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm and offers mentorship matching, weekly research meetings and lectures, up to four (4) weeks of clinical rotation, and performance management process. Participants are advised to ensure that adequate time may be devoted to the program without conflicts of professional, scholarly, or familial nature so that full attention may be devoted to the educational experience.


The program curriculum is designed with the goal of providing interns the skills necessary to develop and implement a clinical research program in the United States and internationally. Course topics may include:

  • Clinical Study Design
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Clinical Research Informatics
  • Study Analysis and Statistical Programs
  • Writing and Presenting Research Findings
  • Ethical Considerations in Research
  • Introduction to the Healthcare System of the United States
  • Clinical Research related to Global Health issues and Refugee Health
  • Clinical Research related to Antibiotics and Stewardship
  • Clinical Research related to diseases of public health significance
  • Clinical Research related to vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases

Opportunities to observe clinical research practices in the United States are integrated throughout the program curriculum, allowing practical experience to contextualize topics taught by faculty.


We thrive on providing two cohorts of up to 30-35 graduate participants per year with active mentorship and quality clinical research experience. The Clinical Research Internship provides a J1 Research Scholar Visa to all accepted candidates. To be considered for an upcoming intern class, applicants must submit the following materials:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Questionnaire
  • Letter of Intent
  • (2) letters of reference

Once reviewed by the Intern Selection Committee, qualified applicants will be invited for a 30-minute personal interview to discuss details of qualifications and serve as demonstrated language proficiency. Additional language proficiency tests (TOEFL OR USMLE) may be requested for applicants whom English is not a primary language.