2014 Gold Standard Award for Optimal Aging

2014 Gold Standard Award for Optimal Aging

The Gold Standard Award for Optimal Aging is an annual event that started in 2011. Nominations are taken April thru July of each year. Winners are honored at the annual Optimal Aging Luncheon held in the Fall. Nomimees must be 85 years of age or older and should exemplify someone who is making the most of whatever their later years bring and continues to love life. All nominees who attend the annual luncheon are recognized. Starting in 2012 nominations were expanded to two separate categories, individuals and couples.

2013 Optimal Aging Nominees

2014 Gold Standard Award for Optimal Aging Nominees

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Lucille Leggett & Mayor FischerPhyllis Jenness, 92

Nominated by Lori White

For 60 years Phyllis Jenness has been a master teacher at the University of Kentucky and a contributing citizen of the city of Lexington.  Despite lack of mobility due to a seriously broken leg, Phyllis keeps up a rigorous program of daily therapy exercises.  Phyllis currently volunteers to teach 2 "Be a Better Singer" classes and 2 Sight Singing courses for 2 different charities. Phyllis attends workshops by such luminaries as Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer.  She has attended numerous workshops at the Shambala Center in Lexington.  No one is more deserving of such an award as this life teacher and Sensei.

Louis Moseson, 90Tom Moffett - Winner with (L-R) Dr. Dunn, Dr. Furman & Mayor Fischer

Nominated by Carol Savkovich

At 90, Louis Moseson is a vigorous and fun-loving man who does not let his age slow him down. Widowed a year ago, Louis has been picking up cooking basics in the last year and is content remaining in his own home, where he spends his time composing music, reading novels, playing bridge, and having friends over for lunch. He continues to attend concerts of the Kling Chamber Orchestra, a group he founded and conducted for 34 years ago, stepping down as conductor last year. A piano trio (violin, cello and piano) is currently working up a program of Louis' compositions; he continues to fine-tune the compositions they'll be performing, which he composed between the 1970s and 2010.  His camera goes with him most places, and photography has been a lifelong passion. His home walls are adorned with his photographs as well as watercolors and oils he has painted. Louis continues to manage family-owned real estate, working often with tenants and contractors. While he's been training his daughter to take over the real estate management, he has no current plans to stop his own involvement in it.

Helen Berry, 91

Lucille Leggett & Mayor Fischer

Nominated by Jo Ross

Helen Berry is an inspiration and light of generosity for all who know her.  Early in her marriage, her husband passed away and Helen realized "I could sit at home and have a pity party, or I could get out and do something with my life".  Her countless contributions to others are a testimony of love and positive productiveness.  Helen is a very successful and beloved Mother, raising three children, who each in their own right, have become very productive and giving people.  Helen raised the CEO of Derby Festival. (Michael Berry); the VP of Beargrass Division, of Goodwill Industries, KY, (Marsha Berry), and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Frankfort Regional Hospital in Frankfort, KY (Marilyn Berry Duke).  Helen's warm and welcoming personality resonates in her many community activities.  She is loved and admired by many, from a wide range of socio-economic sectors.



Elmo & Martha Martin - Couples Award Winners, 2013


John and Mame Stone

Nominated by Nancy Doggett, Christian Care Communities

John Stone, 95

John has been blessed with good health, partially because of good genes, but mainly because of his lifestyle. Through the years he has been reminded “you have but one body so take good care of it. He married an outstanding nurse, which means a lot! John will soon be celebrating, not only his 96th birthday, but will be celebrating 73 years of marriage to a wonderful person. John could never wish for more than that.  John Stone has always been active mentally, physically, and spiritually. He has much for which to be thankful.



Mame Stone

Mabel “Mame” Stone was born during a snowstorm in Madison, Indiana, the second child of five. There were four girls and her little 6’4” brother was the youngest. The date was January 18, 1920. She spent most of her childhood in Madison and a little in Vernon, Indiana. Mame and John have four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, all from two sons. Mame graduated from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana to become a RN nurse (now called a nurse practitioner) for 35 years. One might say her life motto on living healthy is: Eat a sensible diet and keep moving!  Mame and John both enjoyed dancing together over the past years whenever they could. What has brought her to where she is today: eating right, exercising in some way or form, and good friendships. She was always told, to have a good friend you must be a good friend.

Congratulations to the winners and the nominees.

There were over 30 nominees for the 2014 Gold Standard Award for Optimal Aging.

We have respected the wishes of some of our nominees to remain anonymous.

2014 Gold Standard Award for Optimal Aging Nominees

Rosemary Bott, 91

Rosemary is 91 years old, is trim, physically active dynamo who loves to dance. Her volunteer career began at her children's  schools where she applied her talents and energy to many tasks including serving as president of the PTA.  Later she volunteered with the American Legion Auxiliary. Since 1979 she has helped organize, develop and lead programs for the Widow Or Widowers Organization (WOW).  Always active in her church, in the past she sang in the choir and arranged the altar flowers. Currently she ushers and serves on the Bereavement and Hospitality Committees.  In the 1980's   Rosemary was a model for Faces Model Agency and made many TV Commercials.  Since 1983 she has been a very active participant in Young Hearts Theatre, a local group of elders who perform on a regular basis to adoring and enthusiastic audiences.  A very giving person, she continues to use her abilities and her talents to engage positively and successfully with our community.


Thelma Brown, 94

Thelma is a great example of positive aging. She has kept active and optimistic despite going through some difficult times. Her children noticed that despite having the usual hard times and illnesses in her life, the first time they actually witnessed her in bed, admitting she was sick was when she hospitalized at the age of 93 with Rhabdomyalysis!  She is a devoted Christian, wife, mother, grandmother and now great-grandmother. In her earlier years she was active in teaching children at church and belonging to a Homemaker's group!  Now she is limited by physical problems but still helps out with tasks around the house and----More importantly is a vital part of all her families' lives  and is a beloved member of her new four-generation home.


Beatrice Castelli, 89

Beatrice still lives independently in her own apartment and enjoys a wide variety of activities including spending time with family, walking, baking and knitting. At 89, she is still physically and socially active and looks forward to walking outdoors with her Friendly Visitor volunteer. Beatrice is very creative and loves knitting, crocheting and embroidering items for her family and friends. Originally from Italy, Beatrice and her family moved to the United States in the 1930s.  She's a former kindergarten teacher and has always loved children.


Juanita Chapman, 86

Juanita Chapman grew up in Eastern Kentucky, where she walked everywhere. The family had a horse-drawn carriage that they used to go to church, but she walked to school and anywhere else. She worked alongside her brothers and sisters in the field on the family farm. She has always been active, and that trend continues at the age of 85. She walks from Atria Springdale to the Summit shopping center each day and is very active in community life. She knits blankets to sell at the annual Atria Fair, and all proceeds go to the Alzheimer's Association. She is also an ambassador at the community, welcoming new residents and showing them around the community. During the holidays, she made homemade treats for each staff member at Atria Springdale and labeled them from all residents, as not to take the credit herself.  Juanita is a humble, amazing woman, who loves to lend a helping hand to someone else and goes out of her way to make life brighter for others.


Mary Durham, 86

Mary Durham is 91 years old.  She has raised 18 children and has 5 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and 18 great, great grandchildren!


William Friedlander, 89

Mr. Friedlander is a fighter.  He does not let his physical constraints stop him in any portion of his life.  He is a beloved community member and a very much loved father.  Mr. Friedlander continues to be engaged with the arts community of Louisville.  He attends ballet, opera, Louisville Orchestra concerts, and performances at the Actor's Theater of Louisville.  Mr. Friedlander is on the Bonnycastle neighborhood board, the Commodore board, and is a distinguished alumni of the University of Louisville.


Betty Gibson, 86

The minute you enter Atria Springdale you are greeted by a beautiful smile and a warm hug.  Betty fills big shoes at Atria, being a part of the Ambassador program. An Ambassador is welcoming, outgoing, helpful, and creative; all of these things describe Betty. Betty makes a point to greet new people and try to include them, knowing how hard it can be to be "the new kid" again.  Her poetry is uplifting, just like her personality.   You can find her every Sunday arriving to church early to set up chairs and pass out hymn books.  Her joy spreads to those around her.


Ethel Grinstead, 85

Ms. Ethel Grinstead is a breath of fresh air when she enters the room! She has a kind demeanor, a smile on her face and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Ethel is dedicated to her volunteer work and will see it through until the task is completed. She is punctual, professional and will take on any additional duties as needed. We can't do without her!!!


Effie Mae Harris, 94

Mrs. Harris came from Athens, Alabama  to Louisville , Kentucky in the 1950s . She was married to her husband Lonnie for 40 years. She is an avid sports enthusiast . Attends church every Sunday  and continue to read interesting books. She was a senior champion for Elder Serve  for 23 years taking a leave of absence 11/2013.


Dorothy Hobbs, 88

My Grandma, Dorothy Townsend Hobbs, is one of the most selfless individuals I know.  She loves her children and grand children and still lights up when we visit, or she gets to visit us.  She is very conscious of her health and well-being.  She regularly visits her doctor and although she is 88 years old, she is in extremely good health.  Her challenge is her core strength.  She had a left knee replacement in 2007, which was a success.  However, her right knee has continued to get worse.  Her doctor will not operate now due to her age, but without fail she continues to do what she can for her family, friends and people in need while working through her pain.  She has slowed down, but always finds time for her daily devotion, chores, walks, and checking on her friends.  She is loved by all and her church family all call her Grandma.  On Sunday Morning she is all dressed up in her Sunday Best including one of her 30 plus church hats.  She gives and gives and then gives more.  I hope that when I am her age, I have just a portion of the health and stamina she has.  She is my role model and it would be an honor to be like her.


Homer Holland, 86

Mr. Holland in his golden years still maintains his house while living independently with is wife of 65 years. For the past 6 years he has been a choir member  at First Virginia Baptist Church . He and his wife are consistent supporters of activities at Redeemer Lutheran Church . He still drives his car and enjoys the restoration and maintenance of his 1941 Chevy 5 passenger coupe. In his younger days, he enjoyed playing of the position rt outfielder on baseball teams and was a bowling enthusiast.


Elizabeth Huber, 95

Betty is my grandmother and I think she's the most brave and wonderful woman I've ever known.  She's teaching me to age with grace and love.  Betty touches the lives of everyone she meets.  We are all so proud of her and think that she deserves recognition for her positive attitude, care for others and witty wiseness that I adore with all my heart.


Grayson Kellenburger, 90

Grayson “Kelly” Kellenburger was a police officer and served in the Navy during WWII and the Korean War.  Kelly chronicled his family’s history dating back  to 1750, for which his family is especially grateful.


Lucille Kok, 93

Lucille Church Bruenderman Clephas Kok is a force of nature! In her 93 years (so far), she has raised 13 children, dozens of grandchildren, and continues to be blessed with great-grandchildren. She is vibrant and active, volunteering as a performer (and star baton-twirler, look for her on YouTube) for The Silver Notes. She loves to play dominoes and attend social functions with her friends both old and new from her community at The Forum. Lucille has an indomitable spirit and a natural humility that causes her to giggle like a young girl when she feels she's getting too much attention. She continues to travel and try new things, though if you give her one mimosa, she's going to need a nap. She's raised a large and happy family who she loves and who love her, and she has legions of admirers who are in awe of her drive and positive attitude, regardless of all the challenges she's had to face in her long and lovely life. Most importantly, Lucille treats each and every day like it's another chance to do something great -- one more way that, at 93, she's still showing the youngsters the right way to live a good life.


William Lippy, 91

President for 13 years of Covenant Housing,which has provided new homes for 57 families in low-income category since mid 1980s, and is currently dealing with Ball State University's Architectural Dept. to provide designs for 7 lots on Brent Street for housing for 7 low-income families. These lots were donated to Covenant Housing for this project, through Bill Lippy's efforts.


Henri Mangeot, 86

Henri continues to live a full and active life, having only retired in June 2014 from a 65-year career as an attorney in various roles of public service at federal, state and local levels.  He still drives himself around Louisville and is embarking on new exercise classes in his retirement.  Henri gives of his time to volunteer throughout the community. He spent many years involved in labor negotiations with local government.  All around great citizen of Louisville who is very deserving of this award.


Betty McKay, 87

Betty McKay is a vibrant and engaging 87-year-old woman who is living her life to the fullest.  She places a great deal of importance on giving back to others -- especially children and volunteers as a reading teacher at Chenoweth and Field Elementary Schools.  She places a high value on the arts and believes that if young people are introduced to music, dance and theater, they will be positively impacted throughout their lives.  Betty also volunteers with dementia patients at Sally's Garden and works to help them read and solve riddles.  Throughout her life, she has worked to help those less fortunate than herself  through her career as a teacher and church activities.  Her goal wasn't to gain anything for herself, but to make a child feel the special joy of reading for the first time, and a dementia patient feel pride at solving a puzzle.  We need more Betty McKays in the world, but she is truly one of a kind.


Doris Pfister, 90

Doris loves to visit her 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.  She belongs to three senior church groups including Holy Trinity, St. Albert and St. Barnabus.  She also dances every week at a private senior club.


Helen Ray, 87

Our mom is amazing!  She worked outside the home, up until she retired in her late 70's.  She was always the breadwinner in our family, and worked night shift when we were younger, in order to get us off to school in the mornings.  She has remained active in her church, her community, her social groups and with her family, and friends, without missing a beat!  My siblings, and I, always say that we want to grow up to be just like her.  Always smiling, and enjoying life!


Patricia Shaw, 87

Mrs. Shaw is truly an inspiration to everyone she encounters.   Her unwavering faith, her joyful spirit and her never ending desire to be a blessing to others is her motivation for daily living.   She serves as an encourager to her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, friends and even strangers.  Widowed four years ago on her 59th wedding anniversary, Mrs. Shaw remains in her home of 60+ years, still drives and is active in the community.   She is active in her church as well, teaching and mentoring ladies, young and old.  Every day is new and she is determined to use each one wisely.  She plans her time well so that she takes care of daily chores, spends time in prayer and journaling, exercises, talks with friends and family and takes care of her physical needs.   She will certainly leave a rich legacy for her two children, four grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren when she leaves to be with her Savior in eternity.


Antoinette Sgro, 98

Antoinette Sgro is an amazing woman.  Of Italian heritage, she has been blessed to live 98 1/2 years and still lives alone at her condo.  After being diagnosed with a form of lymphoma, she has undergone many radiation treatments through the years. This last year, she has had to get blood transfusions every three weeks.  In spite of this medical situation, she has lived her life to the fullest every day.  She never complains about the pain she endures or expresses a "Why Me' attitude. She is a giving, loving person and is loved by everyone who meets her but especially by her children, 5 grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren.  She loves to attend their activities at school, church and sporting competitions.  She will sit in the stands for hours cheering for their team to win.  When someone calls and invites her anywhere, she is always ready to  join the fun.  She's always the life of the party, telling jokes and stories from her life experiences.  She loves attending movies with her family, dancing, reading books, working crossword puzzles and playing "Kings in the Corner" cards.  She usually wins!  She has lived a life of Christian love and service to everyone she meets.  Her family has been blessed to have her in their lives for these many years.  The world has been a better place because of her life.


Sister Macrina Stermec, 90

Sister Macrina dedicated her life to the ministry of teaching children.  She has lived simply throughout her life, placing others before herself.  God has always been first in her life, and she  has lived out her faith by caring for endless numbers of students, parents and families throughout the years.  Macrina has always been a strong advocate throughout her life for social justice issues.  At 90 years of age, It amazes me to see her standing at the front door, umbrella in hand in the middle of an early morning downpour - patiently waiting for her ride to take her for her volunteer work - always greeting me with a smile and 'have a good day'....as if she were 25...or 35...or 45..She is 90 years old and still going strong!!  What a lovely lady, what a lovely inspiration she is to  me and to so very many others on our staff and those among our residents whom she serves!  Macrina has a humble spirit, a gentle way - but has great impact on those around her, in a quiet and simple way.  She always leaves us smiling.  She is truly a remarkable woman - one who inspires others of us to even WANT to live to be 90!  She is alert, active, loving and caring to others and helpful to everyone she comes in contact with.  Isn't that what life is all about?


Kate Shafferman, 85

Kate is an inspiration to many. Her energy, memory, and commitment amaze many people. I know this because people from many walks of life will ask me about her. In April we had an 85th birthday celebration one Saturday at the church. We were amazed by the number and variety of people, ages and occupations, that came to congratulate.  Her homemade bread and soup has comforted many who are forever thankful for her kindness.  Her family is grateful for her desire to bring us together for many occasions.  She is a joy to us all.


Gladys Troidl, 88

Gladys approaches life with a great sense of humor and a zest for living. She posts newspaper articles on her refrigerator about older people who have accomplished interesting things--like bank robberies, drug smuggling, and prostitution. (Another example of her quirky sense of humor.)  She has volunteered for Habitat for nine years and has developed lasting friendships with some of the people Habitat has served. She still keeps in touch with several homeowners who she helped complete the program. If Gladys misses a Wednesday, everyone in the office says, "It's Wednesday! Where's Gladys?" She is deeply loved and respected there by staff, volunteers, and programs participants.  She started volunteering for the VA Hospital nine months ago and quickly went from volunteering a half day on Friday to serving two full days a week. She brings life, love and laughter into the places she volunteers and into the lives of her colleagues, friends and family. And she still makes time to visit with her family that's spread out throughout the state and in Ohio, and to take some interesting and exciting vacations. She exhibits an independent spirit, a love for life, and zest for living.


Father Josephy Voor, 88

Fr. Josephy Voor, a retired catholic priest in the Louisville Archdiocese, is soon to be 89 years old, a priest for 64 years.  Following his ordination in 1950, he was sent to the Catholic University of America and receive dhis doctorate in psychology.  he came back to Louisville and in addition to his priestly duties in various positions over the years, he taught and headed up the Psychology Dept. at Bellarmine and was active in the worldwide Marriage Encounter Program and the Archdiocese's Why Catholic? program.


Isabel Yates, 89

Isabel is not your usual 90 year old(Birthday 10/1/14).  She is always interesting and informed on current events in town, state and world.  She is a friend and mentor to women like me.  Isabel has advocated for equality of pay and education for women way before it was the fashionable thing to do, she was living it. She owned two businesses and ran for the Lexington Council in the early 90's and won three terms, the last as the Vice mayor of Lexington.  When introduced to Jerry Miller, then Commissioner of State Parks, he knew she was the perfect fit for the first Chairman of the Kentucky State Parks Foundation, he didn't see an 85 year old woman that was barely 5 foot tall, he saw from the moment he met Isabel a woman that distinguished herself from her peers, she was always looking forward. She never dwelled on the past, or why something can't be done, but focused on how she could muster the right resources and support to accomplish her goal.  Isabel Yates epitomizes growing older with enthusiasm and curiosity and deserves this award.