Program Director Message

Program Director Message

Mary Nan Mallory, MD

Louisville’s Emergency Medicine residency training program, initiated in 1972, is one of the pioneer programs in the country. Since its early accreditation, the program has maintained continuous maximum-cycle accreditation, guided into the current era of competency-based outcomes training and assessment under the long-standing leadership of Dr. Salvator Vicario, who stepped down in 2005 and remains as an active attending emergency physician with the program.

Through change we strive to preserve the tradition and maintain that the cornerstone of professional training in Louisville will continue to be the progressive responsibility afforded our emergency medicine residents by our present, visible, and experienced emergency medicine attending physicians.

In Louisville, teaching is a responsibility shared at each level, and learning is continuous and contemporaneous. EM 1 residents develop focused assessment skills and evaluate patients with a wide range of illness, injury and acuity. EM 2 residents hone procedure and resuscitation skills both in simulation and at the bedside, develop efficiency strategies, and deepen their understanding of the evidence-based practice of emergency medicine. EM 3 residents direct all critical care trauma and medical resuscitations, orchestrating the emergency medicine team and collaborating with the hospital’s state-of the-art Stroke, STEMI, Critical Care and Trauma Teams. Faculty and nursing staff support senior residents in emergency department management and operations.

Beginning with the end in mind, “it’s not just the test but also the training.” At graduation, Louisville’s practice-ready trainees are prepared for the professional practice of emergency medicine, ABEM certification, fellowship training, active participation in an academic or group practice of emergency medicine, and life-long learning.