Learning water rescue with Louisville Fire and Rescue.

The nation's first and the region's only … Level 1 Trauma Center.

Nothing like a little field experience with Louisville's finest.

Graduating Class of 2012: Why so serious?

Graduating Class of 2012: That's more like it!

Intern Class of 2015: Why so serious?

Intern Class of 2015: That's more like it!

Dr. Brunett teaching ACLS to 4th year medical students.

Dr. Brunett teaching ACLS to 4th year medical students.

Sometimes rounds are a little scary at UofL!

The University of Louisville Department of Emergency Medicine is an exciting place to be!

The Program Director, staff, and emergency medicine faculty of the Department of Emergency Medicine are committed to providing the highest quality emergency medicine education to students and residents.  By consistently adhering to national educational standards, by successful innovation, and by motivating individuals to achieve to their highest potential we strive to develop professional, practice-ready emergency medicine specialist physicians.