Faculty Research

Faculty Research

Alan Cheng

Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism.

Barbara Clark

Regulation and Function of the START Family of Lipid/Sterol Transporters.

Marsha Cole

Fatty Acid Transduction of Nitric Oxide Signaling

William Dean

Calcium ATPase Regulation in Platelets Homeostasis

Jaydev Dholakia

Regulation of Translation

Steven Ellis

Ribosomal Biogenesis

Pam Feldhoff

Protein and Glycoprotein Biochemistry; Salamander Pheromones

Richard Feldhoff

Structure, Metabolism & Molecular Evolution of Salamander Pheromones

Thomas E. Geoghegan

Mechanisms of Gene Induction by Peroxisome Proliferators

Ron Gregg

Synaptogenesis and Development in the Retina

Ted Kalbfleisch


Carolyn Klinge

Molecular Mechanisms of Estrogen Action

Yong Li


Russell A. Prough

Regulation of Foreign Compound Metabolism

Kenneth Ramos

Molecular Mechanisms of Environmental Disease

David Samuelson

Genetic Susceptibility to Breast Cancer and Systems Genetics

Christine Schaner Tooley

Protein Methylation and Tumorigenesis

Eugenia Wang

Genetic Mechanisms of Aging

James L. Wittliff

Mechanisms of Steroid & Peptide Hormone Action

Joint and Associate Faculty Research

Paula Bates

G-rich Oligonucleotides Structure and Function

Aruni Bhatnagar

Oxidative stress and its affects on cardiovascular function

Doug Borchman

Spectroscopy of ocular lipid omposition/structure/function relationships

Jonathan Chaires

My interests are in the physical biochemistry of nucleic acids and their interactions

Jason Chesney

Molecular Targets

Douglas Darling

Transcriptional regulation of neurodevelopment

Fred Hendler

Oral cavity carcinogenesis

Andrew Lane

Structure based anticancer drug design

Robert A. Mitchell

Growth factor regulation of tumorigenesis

CV Rao

Nongonadal actions of LH and chorionic gonadotropin

John Trent

Structure-based drug design, macromolecular molecular dynamics modeling of proteins, DNA and RNA drug discovery

Binks Wattenberg

Biological Membranes in Intracellular Signaling

Emeritus Faculty Research

Mark Brennan

Genetically Complex Diseases and Genetic Regulatory Mechanisms.

Robert Gray

Metalloproteases and their Inhibitors

Nancy Martin

Mitochondrial Biosynthesis and Protein Targeting

William Young

Expression of mucin glycosyltransferases