Recent Research Awards

Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence Award, NIH 
Defining tumor-infiltrating B cell signatures associated with T cell mediated antitumor immunity in human lung adenocarcinoma
Awarded to Dr. Corey Watson -- Role: Junior PI

Idea Development Award LC180204 DOD LCRP
Non-canonical role for PSAT1 in promoting EGFR-mutant lung cancer metastasis
Awarded to Dr. Brian Clem -- Role: PI

Supplement award, P51 OD011132-58, NIH NIAID
05/01/2019 – 04/30/2020
Characterization of the germline immunoglobulin repertoire in an AIDS-designated rhesus macaque breeding colony
Subaward to Dr. Corey Watson -- Role: Co-I; PIs, Steven Bosinger and Lewin J.S. (Emory University)

R01EY029719-01, NIH NEI
Glycine Subunit Specific Inhibition and Ganglion Cell Visual Responses
Subaward to Dr. Ronald Gregg -- Role: Co-I; Contact PI Maureen McCall (Dept Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences)

2R01AI104739, NIH NIAID
01/01/2019 – 12/31/2023
Computational tools for the analysis of high-throughput immunoglobulin sequencing experiments
Subaward to Dr. Corey Watson -- Role: Co-I; PI, Kleinstein, S.H. (Yale University)

R21AI142590, NIH NIAID
Population level characterization of human immunoglobulin heavy chain germline variants with impacts on variability in the Ab repertoire of healthy adults
Awarded to Dr. Corey Watson -- Role: Contact PI; M-PI, Marasco W.A. (Harvard University)

R24AI138963, NIH NIAID
An ethnically diverse genomic reference resource for the human heavy and light chain immunoglobulin loci
Awarded to Dr. Corey Watson -- Role: Contact PI; M-PI, Smith M.L. (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)

R00 NIH/NIAAA (4R00AA023560)
Analysis of an ethanol-sensitive pathway regulating anterior craniofacial development
Awarded to Dr. Ben Lovely -- Role: PI

R21CA219252, NIH NCI
HNRNPA2B1 as a reader of RNA methylation in breast cancer
Awarded to Dr. Carolyn Klinge -- Role: Contact M-PI; M-PI, Schaner Tooley, C (University at Buffalo)

R01EY012354-18, NIH NEI
Isolation of Congenital Stationary Night Blindness Genes
Awarded to Dr. Ronald Gregg -- Role: Contact PI; MPI, McCall, Maureen (Dept Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences) and Hasan Nazarul.

1-17-IBS-135, American Diabetes Association
The STBD1/GABARAP complex integrates carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
Awarded to Dr. Alan Cheng -- Role: PI

T35 DK072923, NIH-NIDDK
Summer Endocrine Research Training Program
Awarded to Dr. Carolyn Klinge -- Role: PI