Willed Body Program

Willed Body Program

How to Donate Your Body to Science at U of L in Kentucky

The Willed Body Program is not accepting new enrollees at this time. Those donors already enrolled in the program will be accepted at the time of death at any time (if the donors meet the requirements at time of death, please see FAQs for further explanation).

To register with our program

  1. Complete all pages of the application forms accurately and return them to the bequeathal office. It is not necessary to have these forms notarized. We recommend that you keep a copy for your personal files and additional copies for next-of-kin. Please be aware that this paperwork is not a binding or legal agreement, only a statement of wish or intent.
  2. It is very important that you keep us informed of any change in name, address, or your next of kin so that we may keep your file current. If you are admitted into a hospital, move to a retirement community or nursing home, or specialized care facility, a copy of your forms and instructions should be included in your chart or care plan.
  3. When the forms have been received and approved, we will mail a letter of acceptance with a donor wallet card. Our acceptance of the enrollment forms, does not guarantee acceptance of a body at time of death. It is recommended that an alternative plan be developed by the donor and family in the event we are unable to accept the body at the time of death (please see FAQs for ineligibility to participate).
  4. Discuss your wishes with your loved ones to ensure that your desire to be a whole body donor is carried out at the time of your death.

When death occurs

  1. If the death occurs at home, please call 9-1-1. A healthcare professional (examples: hospice care staff or coroner) will need to sign a provisional report of death before the body can be transported to the university.
  2. A family member or caregiver ­should notify our program immediately by calling (502) 852-5744. If after hours, please call Nunnelley Funeral Home at (502)-368-3396 to arrange for transport of the body to our facility.
  3. UofL will file the death-related paperwork and will send further information at the time of death to the next-of-kin on procedures regarding the death certificate and social security. Additionally, transportation charges may be sent to the next-of-kin (please see FAQs).
  4. The next-of-kin will receive an invitation to our annual Convocation of Thanks ceremony in late winter/early spring. This ceremony is held in the spring of each year to honor those individuals who bequeathed their bodies during the previous calendar year (for instance, the ceremony in the spring of 2013 was held for those donors whose bodies arrived at UofL during 2012).

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