Contractural Agreement

Contractural Agreement

The work will be completed in a satisfactory fashion but there are no guarantees concerning results. Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology will answer questions concerning artifacts or unusual features of slides, micrographs or other data but will not interpret or determine scientific merit of data. For jobs of more than $500.00 total, partial payment of 50% is due one month after work begins whether or not the work is completed.

Once we receive your request, we will send you:

  1. Estimated cost of work
  2. Estimated date work will be completed

Note: lf problems are encountered in sectioning, embedding or other techniques due to inherent characteristics of the specimen(s), a new estimate may be required. Also, payment is due upon receipt of invoice. No further work will be initiated unless account is current.

Unauthorized use of image core facility equipment is strictly prohibited.
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* After hours use: see Michael Eisenback for details:
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