Imaging Core

Imaging Core


Olympus FluoView™ 500 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

Features include:

  • Fully Automated Scanning Unit; Variety of image processing and analysis functions
  • Optical sectioning, 3D construction; Time-series observation; Differential Interference Contrast
  • Automatic Laser Control (AOTF or ND) / Laser Combiner
  • Wide range of laser light sources from UV to near infrared lasers:
    • Argon, HeNeG, HeNeR
    • Wavelengths: 405nm, 488nm, 543nm, 633nm.
  • Intuitive user friendly software; High resolution: 2048 x 2048 pixels; 10-fold digital zoom

confocal laser scanning microscope

Two Philips CM10 Transmission Electron Microscopes

  • High Contrast objective lens, Single condenser lens
  • Tilt Specimen holder, 60 degrees rotation
  • 15 Mega pixel SIA Digital Camera
Michael Eisenback, 852-5173, Cell: 502-333-4466, Email
Bldg. A, Rm 1015D, 500 South Preston St., Louisville, KY 40202

TEM microscope Phillips CM12

The VEGA scanning electron microscope.

  • Configured with a tungsten heated cathode; Unique four-lens Wide Field Optics™
  • Live stereoscopic imaging, using advanced 3D Beam Technology
  • Large chamber with an extended 3 axes fully motorized compucentric stage
  • YAG-based Backscattered Detectors for excellent durability
  • High speed imaging and excellent signal to noise ratio
  • 3D metrology software for Height, Surface and Profile surface measurements
  • Built-in image management and report generation
Michael Eisenback, 852-5173, Cell: 502-333-4466, Email
Lower Level, Health Sciences Center, Building A

VEGA scanning electron microscopen workstation

Neurolucida system

Advanced software for neuron tracing and reconstruction, neuron analysis, and 3D brain mapping

Quantify neuronal morphology

Neurolucida is a powerful tool for creating and analyzing realistic, meaningful, and quantifiable neuron reconstructions that can perform detailed morphometric analysis of neurons, such as quantifying:

  • the number of dendrites, axons, nodes, synapses, and spines
  • the length, width, and volume of dendrites and axons
  • area and volume of the soma
  • the complexity and extension of neurons

Most of what is visible through the oculars is displayed on the computer screen. In addition to software for neuron tracing and analysis, the Neurolucida system includes a microscope, computer, motorized stage, and camera. With the joy stick remote you can:

  • control motorized stages
  • control cameras to change or save settings for future use
  • operate the focus knob or change objectives
  • change filter turrets, filter wheels, and mirror cubes when acquiring fluorescent images or image stacks
Michael Eisenback, 852-5173, Cell: 502-333-4466, Email
Room 1008, Health Sciences Center, Building A, Louisville, KY

Neurolucida system

Digital Darkroom with both digital and X-ray film capabilities

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