Michael Tseng, Ph.D.

Michael Tseng, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Anatomical Sciences & Neurobiology

Phone: (502) 852-5170


Dr. Tseng, trained as an experimental pathologist, has long been interested in tissue responses to xenobiotics. Among the topics to which he has contributed are experimental chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy, cerebral ischemia and neuroprotectant screening. The recent surge of development of nanomaterials for biomedical uses had led to Dr. Tseng’s current focus on drug delivery for cancer therapy and in facilitating wound healing through direct energy delivery. Central to his approach is the deployment of HRTEM, STEM, and EDS for direct localization of nanomaterial in cells, tissue, and organs. Combining his years of experience in ultrastructural pathology, he anticipates major contribution to the emerging field of nanotoxicology.

Key Publications

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