Charles H. Hubscher, Ph.D.

Professor and Director, Graduate Program

Department of Anatomical Sciences & Neurobiology

502-852-3058 502-852-7201 (lab) 502-852-6228 (fax)

Website: Louisville Chapter Society for Neuroscience

Electrophysiology and neuroanatomy of central neurons mediating the control of reproductive and pelvic organs; normal neural mechanisms and plasticity following injury and/or chronic pain.

Current Research

  • Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction Following Spinal Cord Injury: Research is focused on animal studies exploring the distribution of ascending and descending spinal pathways that sub-serve sexual, bladder and bowel functions. A multidisciplinary approach involves parallel electrophysiological, neuroanatomical and behavioral studies.
  • Central Neural Mechanisms Underlying Reproductive Organ Sensation: Research is focused on studies in male and female rats examining the central processing of information arising from stimulation of the reproductive organs. The impact of varying levels of gonadal hormones on neuronal response properties and characteristics is being explored.
  • Chronic Pain Following Spinal Cord Injury: Research is focused on understanding the central neural mechanisms underlying the development and perpetuation of allodynia at and just above the segmental level of a spinal cord injury (at level allodynia). Potential gender differences in the responses to a variety of stimuli are of great interest.

Representative Publications

Hall, B.J., Lally, J.E., Vukmanic, E., Armstrong, J.E., Fell, J.D., Gupta, D.S. and Hubscher, C.H.  (2010) Spinal cord injuries containing asymmetrical damage in the ventrolateral funiculus is associated with a higher incidence of at level allodynia. J.Pain 11(9): 864-875.  (PMID 20338826)

Hubscher, C.H., Fell, J.D., and Gupta, D.S. (2010)  Sex and hormonal variations in the development of at-level allodynia in a rat chronic spinal cord injury model. Neurosci Lett, 477(3): 153-156 (PMID 20434524)

Hubscher, C.H., Reed, W.R., Kaddumi, E.G., Armstrong, J.E., and Johnson, R.D. (2010) Select spinal lesions reveal multiple ascending pathways in the rat conveying input from the male genitalia. J. Physiol. 588.7: 1073-1083.  (PMID20142271)

Reed, W.R., Chadha, H.K. and Hubscher, C.H. (2009)  Effects of 17-β estradiol on responses of viscerosomatic convergent thalamic neurons in the ovariectomized female rat. J Neurophysiol 102: 1062-1074.  (PMID19553492)

Chadha, H.K. Armstrong, J.E., Mower, G.D. and Hubscher, C.H. (2008)  Effects of surgical induction of endometriosis on response properties of preoptic area neurons in rats.  Brain Res., 1246:101-110.

Hubscher, C.H., Kaddumi, E.G. and Johnson, R.D (2008).  Segmental neuropathic pain does not develop in male rats with complete spinal transections.  J. Neurotrauma 25(10): 1241-45.

Cothron, K.J., Massey, J.M., Onifer, S.M. and Hubscher, C.H. (2008) Identification of penile inputs to the rat gracile nucleus.  AJP: Reg Int Comp Physiol. 294: R1015-R1023.

Chadha, H.K. and Hubscher, C.H. (2008)  Convergence of nociceptive information in the forebrain of female rats: reproductive organ response variations with stage of estrus.  Exp. Neurol. 210: 375-387.