Course Offerings

Course Offerings

Students with a background in a field other than speech-language pathology, will complete the Preparatory phase courses listed below before entering the Core phase.

Students with bachelors’ degrees in speech-language pathology will begin taking Core phase courses immediately.

ASHA Requirements

In addition to the graduate coursework, ASHA requires that students have completed one undergraduate class with a grade of C or better in each of the areas of biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and behavioral/social sciences. Please see Requirements for ASHA certification on this site for more information.

Please Note:
Only current University of Louisville undergraduate students may enroll in Preparatory phase courses without applying to the program. These courses may be taken as electives. Completion of the courses does not guarantee admission into the Core phase of the program. Student must formally submit an application to the Graduate School and qualify for admission. Post baccalaureate students must be formally accepted to the preparatory phase.

Core Phase Course Sequence - Year One

Core Phase Course Sequence - Year Two

Preparatory PhaseCourse Sequence