Taking the MCAT

All medical school applicants must take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) to be considered for medical school. The MCAT is offered numerous times per year between January - September. Students are recommended to take the MCAT when they've completed the majority of the pre-med course work and have ample time to study, review and take practice tests. The MCAT is a timed computerized exam that covers physical sciences (physics and general chemistry), verbal reasoning and biological sciences (biology and organic chemistry). Each section is worth 15 points with a composite total of 45.

The following website has helpful information regarding how to register, how to prepare and also offers one FREE practice test. You may also purchase previous MCATs for practice.

The University of Louisville School of Medicine Office for Minority and Rural Affairs offers a FREE MCAT-DAT Review Summer Workshop for eligible students. Please contact Ms. Katie Leslie, Program Coordinator Sr. at 502-852-8109 or for more information.

In addition to the FREE MCAT-DAT Review Summer Workshop offered at U of L, please consider Kaplan, Exam Krackers, Princeton Review, etc.

The Program Advisor will discuss when the best time is to take the MCAT and will offer suggestions on how to prepare for it.

MCAT Preparation for 2014 MCAT Takers

If you are applying for the entering 2015 class, the last test date for the 2014 MCAT is January 23, 2015. Our program provides MCAT preparation for its students, as program funds are available.

Per approval, students may register for the on-line Kaplan Classroom Anywhere. Which includes Kaplan materials, AAMC and Kaplan practice tests, a live and interactive three hour class on-line and access to On Demand pre-recorded classes if you happen to miss a live class. This on-line arrangement allows you to prepare for the MCAT anywhere and anytime of the day. It gives you the convenience of bringing the classroom to you. This course is available to you on behalf of the program, as program funds are available.

Keep in mind that a library of MCAT materials is also available in the program office; Princeton Review, Kaplan and Exam Krackers if you'd like to check some out. Our graduates and medical student mentors are encouraged to donate their MCAT materials to the program or to one of the current students.

Please note: This complimentary service will continue to be offered as program funds are available. If funding decreases or discontinues, students will be notified.

Assured Admission Candidates Taking The MCAT

Assured admission candidates are allowed to take the MCAT the year they want to matriculate versus the year before. For example, students applying for the entering 2014 medical school class who may not be prepared to take the MCAT this summer (by Sept.12), may take the MCAT between January - early April 2014 for assured admission consideration. Test scores must be in before/by May 15, 2015.

If a student took the MCAT this summer and needed to retake it in January - early April, that would be allowed for assured admission consideration; however, most medical schools do not accept the January 2015 MCAT for the 2015 admissions cycle. You would need to check with each individual medical school of interest to see if there is an exception. Keep that in mind when deciding when to take the MCAT and whether or not to apply exclusively to U of L School of Medicine.

The required minimum composite score for an assured admission candidate is 27with nothing below an 8 in each category. If you do not meet that criteria, you have a choice to either retake the MCAT if it's within the time frame, withdraw your application or allow your applicant file to be submitted to the general applicant pool for consideration by the medical school admissions committee. Keep in mind that usually by mid-March the class is full and most remaining applicants are being considered for the wait list or may be denied. Please note: The writing sample has been removed as of the 2013 MCAT.