Scribe Programs

Scribe Programs

Scribe opportunities are available for any pre-health student and not exclusively for students int the post-bac program.

PhysAssist Scribe Job Opportunity

Observe and learn firsthand the "ins and outs" of being in emergency medicine as a PhysAssist Scribe! We are now interviewing for Medical Scribe positions for Norton Hospital (Audubon) and Norton Hospital (Downtown)! We work around your current school schedule. If you are a recent grad, or graduating soon there is no better opportunity than to work as a PhysAssist Scribe!

As a PhysAssist Scribe you will:

-Be at the top of your class with medical/PA/BSN school knowledge and receive valuable school recommendations
-Work side by side with physicians in the emergency department
-Generate life long friendships with peers and those with similar interests
-Transcribe and understand patient history, physical exams, and diagnosis
-Become proficient in interpreting lab results and reading x-rays