Volunteer Service for the Summer 2014

Volunteer Service for the Summer 2014

Volunteer Service Requirements

There are no group service projects scheduled for the summer.  Each of you are responsible for continuing to volunteer over the summer.  Please keep a tally of your service projects and hours to turn in.  Find organizations or health care facilities of interest.  Below are a few to consider.

Supplies Overseas

You will need to go on-line http://www.suppliesoverseas.org/donate/time/ to register and sign up for a particular date. Ms. Mary Lidtke, the Volunteer Coordinator will log your time.

You are still welcome to continue volunteering with our previous service projects and may contact them directly to make arrangements for yourself or a group of fellow post-bacs, family and friends.

  • The Adopt A Meal at the Ronald McDonald House
  • Friday Fun Nights at the Volunteers of America Family Emergency Shelter
  • Wayside Christian Mission and Hotel Louisville