Application Requirements

Application Requirements

This competitive program has fall admission with 20 spots open to Kentucky and out of state students.

This program is designed for the following students:

  • Students interested in going to medical school to become a physician or medical doctor.
  • Students who have graduated or will graduate from college with at least a Bachelor's degree prior to the start of the program in August.
  • Students who have not taken any required pre-med level science courses or have taken no more than 12 credit hours in general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry and physics (including labs). *Please note: Exceptions may be considered for some pre-med level science course work taken 10 or more years ago.
  • Keep in mind that this program is not designed for students who have taken the majority or all of their pre-med requirements and wish to refresh their course work.  Preference is given to qualified career changers who haven't exceeded the 12 credit hour requirement.
  • This is not a record enhancing program to improve your GPA or MCAT score for medical school consideration or for re-applicants to medical school.  For record enhancing consider the non-thesis M.S. in Physiology Program Pre-Health Care Track at the University of Louisville or a record enhancing post-bac program.

 Math, psychology, sociology or English courses are not counted in the 12 hours even though for most schools they are required or recommended.  Intro level courses in biology, chemistry or physics are usually not included in the 12 hours; only pre-med level science courses.

    For a listing of additional post-bac programs, please click here.


    • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
    • Have earned a Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university in the United States
      Please note:
      If not, we will consider an advanced degree earned in the U.S. at an accredited college or university. (e.g., Masters, Doctorate)
    • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3. in either undergraduate or graduate school
    • Must not exceed 12 credit hours of pre-med science courses in biology, chemistry or physics (0-12 credit hours is acceptable) *Please note: Exceptions may be considered for some pre-med science course work taken 10 or more years ago.  Keep in mind that this program is not designed for students who have taken the majority or all of their pre-med requirements.
    • Must provide one of the following standardized test scores below. Your application cannot be considered without one.


      ACT24  Minimum Composite
      SAT1200/1600 or 1750/2400 Minimum Composite
      GRE50th percentile minimum in each area
      GMAT50th percentile minimum composite
      LSAT50th percentile minimum composite


    Please note: If you've taken more than one kind test (e.g., ACT and SAT) present the test that meets the requirement regardless of when it was taken. If neither score meets our minimum requirement, consider retaking the test with adequate preparation to meet the required score or explain your lower score in the special circumstances section of the application.  For preparation for the GRE, GMAT or LSAT, please call 502-852--6456 or go to the testing services website.


    There are two applications for our program; a program application and the university application.  These are two separate processes.  See below for more information.

    Program Application
    Students must apply directly to our program for consideration.  There is no application fee to apply to our program.  If accepted to our program, it is contingent upon your general admission to the University of Louisville.  Students may apply to our program first.

    • The Program Advisory Committee consist of the Program Director, members of the Medical School Admissions Committee and medical school staff/administrators.  Applicant files are reviewed by the Program Advisory Committee to determine an interview and then to decide if the interviewee will be accepted or not.  Applicants are notified of their status via e-mail, not by phone.

    U of L Undergraduate Application

    • When you apply for general admission to U of L, you must apply for admission as a non-degree post-bac through the College of Arts and Sciences. Please do not apply as a continuing studies student, second degree senior or as a regular undergraduate.
    • To access an application, go to There is a non-refundable fee for transfer students.  U of L alumni who haven't attended another school after graduating do not have to pay the fee.

    If you are not selected for the program, you may continue as a non-degree post-bac or a second degree senior at U of L. You may seek pre-med advising from the following; Arts & Sciences Advising Center at 502-852-5502; the Biology Department at 852-6771 or the Chemistry Department at 852-6798.  You may also go to the following websites for additional medical school information:, or


    For more details, please go to Applicant Interview.




    Please have your application materials mailed to the University of Louisville, College of Arts & Sciences Advising, PBPMP, Gardiner Hall, 2301 S. Third Street, Louisville KY 40292. Materials may be mailed together or separately. There is not an application fee for our program.