Meet Our Current Students!

Meet Our Current Students!


Class of 2019

Back row from left: Jessica Graham, Amber Synder, Emmie Carrico, Lauren Webb, Haiden Nunn, Rachel Etzler

Front row from left: Mary Sohler, Taylor Kieffer




Class of 2020

Back row from left: Sarah Irvin, Casandra Conlee, Rebecca Vajda, Rebecca Smith

Front row from left: Louisa Woodson, Caitlin Holliday, Brooke Dillard, Emily Kate Feibelman, Souraya Lorenz




Class of 2021

From left: Olivia Hahn, Rachel Berry, Lauren Langan, Marisa Carrozza, Keira Glasheen, Beth Rosen and Amanda Bartley




Class of 2022

From left: Scott Capece, Korinne Henrickson, Maggie Spiegel, and Clarissa Story