Margaret Barnett – Class of 2016

"My experience has been one of perseverance and personal growth. Completing coursework and clinical work for my Doctorate of Audiology has been one of the most challenging, yet beneficial and rewarding, experiences I have ever been a part of. I decided when I came to graduate school, I would approach it wholeheartedly. During my time at the University of Louisville, I took on so many wonderful leadership, research, community outreach, and humanitarian roles. I encourage someone considering a Doctorate of Audiology to jump right in because the opportunities at the University of Louisville are as far and wide as you dare to explore. Also, UofL has a wonderful director who truly cares about her students and their experiences and some fantastic clinical supervisors that take the time to help you apply classroom knowledge to clinical experiences.”


Christopher Oldfield – Class of 2016

“I am a non- traditional student, and Louisville was a great experience for me. The clinical opportunities are second to none, and have prepared me to enter any 4th year placement with confidence.”





Kara Monroe – Class of 2016


“I came to The University of Louisville for their Audiology program because of the wide variety I clinic experiences that are offered here. There are lots of great opportunities to learn and grow as a professional and as a person.”




Kristin Lenz – Class of 2017

“I chose the University of Louisville Audiology program because of the wide variety of audiological testing and patient demographics they have to offer in their clinical rotation sites. When I interviewed here, it was easy to see how close all of the students were not only to each other, but to their professors and clinical supervisors. The overall attitude seemed to be more encouraging for each other to succeed, as opposed to being in constant competition (which could make grad school life very stressful!). After being here for a couple years, it certainly feels like I have made a new family in Kentucky, complete with the most amazing, smart, and fun group of people I will have with me for life. Being a part of the Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) has also been great because it has encouraged us to work together and get more involved with the Louisville community. We are involved with school and community hearing screenings, we set up a summer camp for children with hearing loss, and even set up a fundraiser walk held at the Waterfront Park to promote the awareness of hearing loss. It has really been a great experience for me at UofL, and I am confident I made the right choice to come here.


Olivia Reed – Class of 2017

“When I visited Louisville it had a big city feel, but I didn't feel like I was lost in a sea of people (I came from Athens, GA, so Louisville seemed like a big city). Since UofL is the only institution in the state that offers an audiology program, clinic placements are vast and all types of clinical experiences can be offered to its students. I loved the idea of the city being on the river and there are so many opportunities outside of just graduate school. Louisville is also close to other fun big cities like Nashville, St. Louis, Columbus and Chicago; if you ever wanted to take a weekend trip because school is a little overwhelming. The Kentucky Derby and Keeneland are one-of-a-kind experiences. The camaraderie between classes and among classes is obvious. The SAA program has the best of intentions and reaches out to the community as often as possible. Making ourselves known in the community is definitely a goal our entire program seeks to attain.”

Grace Nance - Class of 2017

“My time here at UofL has peaked my interests in new and exciting concepts I would have never had the chance to discover before coming here. Serving as a research assistant to Dr. Weihing has been the most rewarding experience and has fueled my interest in clinical research. The clinical experience that UofL offers is one of the strongest aspects of this program. Having clinical supervisors that go above and beyond to give their students’ knowledge, that they might not gain in the classroom, is just one of the many benefits that I have received through the clinic program here.” 



LJ Wandzilak – Class of 2017

“My experience at the University of Louisville's Audiology program has been extremely positive. I have enjoyed my clinical rotations in and off site, and have learned extremely valuable clinical tools at each site. Overall, I have seen patient populations that I would not have normally seen at other university programs. I feel as though these experiences will prepare me for the patients I will see on my externship. I feel a great amount of support from both the academic and clinical faculty. Every semester, they go above and beyond to ensure that we as students feel confident in all that we do. There is a great amount of overlap between what we learn in class and what we learn in clinic, which is extremely helpful for understanding concepts and skills. Additionally, I do love my classmates. We have a cooperative and helpful relationship with each other, rather than a competitive atmosphere. I appreciate my classmates in all that they do to help others understand and excel in this program.”

Allison Morton – Class of 2017

“When I first arrived in Louisville I thought to myself: "What have I done?!”  I had moved to a different state, away from all of my friends and family at the expense of choosing the school I felt like was the best fit for me. Looking back on it now, it’s funny to think about those reservations. As I have gone through clinic rotations, I have been exposed to many facets of audiology including vestibular testing, sedated/ unsedated ABR testing, pediatric/ adult hearing aids, cochlear implants/ other implantable devices, and diagnostic electrophysiology. UofL's program is very conducive to learning by doing, which creates continuity from the classroom to the clinic. It has been a huge advantage to be a part of the UofL Medical School as well as being surrounded by a very large medical community. I have been blessed with a class of 11 other women who are strong and determined and we push each other to strive to always do more than we ever thought was possible. I have grown close to not only my classmates but also the professors, who give us all unwavering support in class and in research. At the University of Louisville, I have gained not only the knowledge to become a successful, confident clinician but life-long friends and colleagues as well.”

Kaci Edwards – Class of 2018

“The audiology program at the University of Louisville is exactly the program I wanted and knew I needed to prepare me to become a successful, clinically competent audiologist. The clinical opportunities we are presented with are unmatched in part due to our unique metro location and our dedicated preceptors. I admire the way that, even as students, we are expected to act as professionals. In turn we are often given the respect and autonomy needed to learn. I truly believe our program is a family that continues to push each other to be better. I’m very proud of this program and I look forward to where it will take me.”



Jessica Minnick – Class of 2018

Grad school can be pretty scary but coming into this program at the University of Louisville has made it really easy to adjust. Everyone here, students and faculty, have made this a truly enjoyable first year. All students are very helpful when it comes to classwork or clinic sites. Supervisors and professors always have their doors open if you have any questions. Audiology has been something I have been pursuing for so long and it feels great to be in a program that pushes me to do my best and encourages me to learn and keep asking questions. I came into this profession wanting to make a difference and this program is setting me up to do just that.”



Emily Ransdell – Class of 2018

“I have been a University of Louisville fan all my life, and I could not believe the day I got my acceptance letter to the Audiology Graduate program here. Coming here, I knew I was going to have a different experience than I would anywhere else. We see such a variety of patients in our multitude of clinical sites and are taught by published doctors. As intimidating as graduate school sounds, you really form a great bond with classmates, professors, and supervisors that will help you with any road block you face. I am very happy I chose UofL and that I have this opportunity to see so much of the Audiology field.”



Mary Beth Duncan – Class of 2018

“My experience so far in UofL's audiology program has been exactly what I was looking for in a graduate school experience. I am surrounded by intelligent, compassionate students pursuing knowledge not for the course grade, but for the ultimate goal of providing the best possible service to future patients. I have the privilege of being taught by outstanding faculty and clinical supervisors who work hard to ensure that students are both mastering audiologic techniques and understanding the complex concepts that underlie them. Being a part of the School of Medicine, I have access to unique resources that assist my classroom learning, such as the cadaver lab, standardized patient lab, and medical library. In addition, the program has affiliations with a wide variety of Louisville's bustling hospitals and outpatient centers, which offer experience with diverse patient populations and unique diagnoses. I could not be happier with my decision to attend UofL. As I finish my first year of studies, I have full confidence that the education and clinical practice I am receiving will provide me with all the tools necessary to become an exceptional audiologist.”