Seth Fritz - 4th Year AuD Student

 When I first arrived in Louisville I had serious doubts about my decisions.  I had moved to Louisville away from all of my friends and family and dove head first into a field that I knew very little about.  Looking back on it now, it’s funny to think about those reservations.  The experience was one that was both career building and full of personal growth.  I enjoyed my undergraduate experience tremendously, but it left me a procrastinator, and even lazy at times.  From day one at Louisville I began learning how to manage my time in order to survive.  To proceed and succeed in this program, or any graduate program for that matter, one needs to have a good balance of work and play.  The University of Louisville offers a variety of both.

The clinic sites range from the very young at the children’s hospital to most geriatric of patients at the VA.  I have completed bedside hearing tests on those with traumatic head injuries at the UofL Hospital ICU and put electrodes on an infant in the NICU that was born six weeks early. With all of these diverse settings, I leaned on my supervisors and the older students a lot at first.  The best thing about the supervisors is that they let you fail.  With failure comes learning.  With learning comes confidence, and with confidence comes mastery.  The approach from the clinic supervisors forces you to learn how to do things the correct way, as well as independently.

Four more years of school seemed so daunting when we all started, and now those years have floated by so quickly.   In the big picture of my life that amount of time is very minute in terms of quantity, but in terms of quality I don’t know if there will ever be a more significant period.

Lindsay Walker - 4th Year AuD Student

 I could not be happier with my decision to complete my audiology doctorate at the University of Louisville. Not only did I grow to love the city of Louisville, but I also got a great education! I chose UofL based on the diverse clinical opportunities the program offered. The clinical experiences went above and beyond my expectations and gave me the confidence to accept a demanding externship at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Upon starting my 4th year, I felt prepared for the challenging year ahead thanks to all the hands on experience I got in Louisville. The faculty at UofL is exceptional.  As teachers and clinicians, they take the extra time in the clinic and the classroom to ensure their students' success. I feel very prepared for a career in audiology thanks to my challenging and rewarding experiences at the University of Louisville!

Amy Franz- 2nd Year AuD Student

I picked the University of Louisville because of all the clinical placements that are offered. I figured that I would get the same education at any university I went to, so I really wanted to find a place where I would get clinical experience as well. As a city, Louisville has lots to offer. I feel like there is something for everyone to enjoy. I'm happy that I made the decision to come to the AuD program in Louisville. I never thought I'd end up in Kentucky but it has been a great experience so far!

Lisa Cramer- 3rd AuD Student

 My experience at UofL has been wonderful.  I am currently a 3rd year student and when I began interviewing for 4th year positions, I quickly realized how well UofL prepared me for my externship year, especially compared to other schools.  When talking with supervisors during interviews, they were so surprised at the range of clinical experiences I had as well as the diverse patient population I had worked with.  I feel UofL exceeded my expectations in preparing me for the "real world" and I am 100% confident in my abilities as an audiologist.

Natasha Trozzolo - 2nd Year AuD Student

My experience at UofL has been a test of time management, patience, and responsibility. I enjoyed working side by side with some of the best clinicians and research faculty that has ever graced the field of audiology or otolaryngology. I have met my very best friends, who will no doubt be my side kicks for the rest of life no matter where we all end up after graduation. I loved UofL because it gives you a big city feel, without being overwhelmingly big. This will surely help me as I venture to my dream cities of Chicago, Denver, and London (Yes, I plan on living in them all at some point). I enjoyed rotating through various clinic sites and seeing unique patient cases. I also loved being social chair and planning all the amazing party's and creating a Prom night for our program (you're welcome). If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change my mind about coming to Louisville.

Richard Bird - 2nd Year AuD Student

I chose the University of Louisville because the majority of the faculty members that teach in the classroom also practice in the clinic. I have found over the past year that the faculty members are both, skilled in the clinic and competent in the classroom. They are friendly and willing to go the extra mile to ensure your learning if you are willing to go to them and ask.

My clinical rotation last semester was at the Kosair children’s hospital in downtown Louisville. It was challenging. I felt very inadequate at the beginning of the rotation; however, the skilled faculty knew how to temper my responsibilities in such a way that the very areas in which I felt inadequate, such as understanding and applying electrophysiological concepts to the actual testing and outcomes as well as writing reports professionally, became areas of strength and competence.

Trey Cline - 3rd Year AuD Student

My experience at the University of Louisville has been one of great challenges and great experience.  I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best mentors that the field of audiology has to offer.  The audiology program at UofL is one that is very conducive to learning by creating continuity from the classroom to the clinic.  Not only do the faculty teach you the foundation of your knowledge, but they teach you how to apply that knowledge to the most challenging of cases any clinic site has to offer.  The faculty at UofL have not only taught me the knowledge base of the field, but also how to be a great professional and colleague to others in the healthcare field.  UofL takes young minds and turns them into great audiologists, professionals, and people.

Lindsay Shroyer - 2nd Year AuD Student

My experience at U of L has been nothing but positive. U of L has one of the best learning and clinical environments I have ever been in. The faculty care and push us to achieve. They not only teach, but as us in clinic why we are doing what we are doing. We are expected to learn the theories, but we are applying them daily. U of L us conducive to the learning and experiencing environment.

Andrew Schuette - 3rd Year AuD Student

I am a third-year student at the University of Louisville originally from Poole, Kentucky.  I enjoy road trips, the great outdoors, and audiology.
This past summer I participated in a 3 month research traineeship at the National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research (NCRAR) in Portland, Oregon funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH).  This traineeship was created in order to expose clinical audiology students to research, as a lack of Ph.D. level researchers has been cited as a problem in our field.  As part of the traineeship, students conduct independent research projects with leaders in the field.  James Henry Ph.D., an expert in tinnitus research, was my mentor on my project.  I looked at the influence of individual patient factors on response to tinnitus treatment.
I had a great experience at the research facility and I also enjoyed visiting Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.  The faculty at the University of Louisville was very flexible in allowing me to depart for this summer to pursue this great opportunity.  I encourage any student who has an interest in this project to apply, as it will be invaluable to your future in audiology.

Andrew Mahaffey- 3rd Year AuD Student

I have been a Louisville area resident for 2 years now.  I am originally from Indianapolis and then moved to Columbus to attend the Ohio State.  So moving to a new city was nothing new.  I remember telling my family and friends from back home, “These people are crazy, they say hello to me walking down the street or in stores.”  That friendliness carries over directly into our academic program.  We are all around each other – students and faculty – everyday within the clinic and the classroom; that ‘friendliness’ is definitely needed.  It just makes the transition into a new life, into a new city, and surrounded by new people, that much easier.

I have definitely surprised myself during the time I have been here so far.  UofL has given me many opportunities to not only meet fellow audiology students from around the country but even the ‘big names’ of audiology.  Our field consists of such a small community, getting to know your fellow members within it, will help you get that much further in your own career.  Along with that, my confidence has grown, and I am not only the President of our local chapter of our student organization, the Student Audiology Association, but I have the respect within my own audiology community at UofL.

I encourage you to work hard when coming to UofL.  Your career starts now, and the university gives you many opportunities to help you along the way – in the classroom, in the clinic, and the ability to attend conferences (American Academy of Audiology and others).  It will be challenging, but at the same time you will come out a professional with respect in the close-knit community of audiology.

Jonathon Whitton - 4th Year AuD Student

My expectations for graduate education at the University of Louisville have been soundly exceeded. Not only have I been afforded diverse and intense clinical training opportunities throughout my career at the University of Louisville, but the faculty has also facilitated additional training opportunities outside of the program in order to aid the development of my scientific, teaching and leadership interests. Specifically these opportunities have included a research assistantship in an audiologic rehabilitation lab, a clinical research training grant administered through the National Institutes of Health, a teaching assistantship in an Anatomy and Physiology human cadaver lab, and seats on national professional committees. My outstanding experiences at the University of Louisville have also translated into 4th year externship offers from some of the most distinguished hospitals in the United States. As a soon-to-be graduate of the Au.D. program at the University of Louisville, I look forward to my professional career with great excitement and confidence.

Kristina Abraham - 3rd Year AuD Student

University of Louisville has been a wonderful place for my education.  I have gotten so much clinical experience here.  I’ve talked to several other students from other schools and they are amazed at the amount of hands on experience with patients we get at UofL.  The faculty here are great.  They are ready and willing to help you in anyway, whether it is with clinic, class, or just life in general.  What’s great it the people that teach you in class teach you in clinic.  Every faculty member has their own specialty and that’s what they do in the clinic and what they teach in the classroom.  The best part of my time at UofL is my class.  We have smaller class sizes here which allow us more individualized attention.  I feel very well prepared for my career as an audiologist and I’m glad to be a part of UofL Audiology.