At the University of Louisville faculty and students regularly coordinate and participate in many service and outreach engagements within the community and throughout the state of Kentucky. These engagements include:

Community hearing screenings

  • UofL School of Music
  • Health fairs
  • Local pre-schools
  • Special Olympics of Kentucky MedFest


Educational seminars

  • Healthy hearing seminars
  • In-service trainings
  • Research and current literature updates


Noise Surveys and Hearing Conservation Programs


Red Bird Mission and Clinic

"Red Bird Mission and Clinic, located in Beverly, KY, have been providing ministries in this region of the Appalachian Mountains since 1921. Today the need remains critical in this isolated, rural distressed area. Chronic poverty, lack of jobs, poor housing, and rugged mountainous terrain provide obstacles to a fuller life for the residents of this area. Red Bird Mission and Clinic strives to meet these needs through ministry in five areas: Education, Health and Wellness, Community Outreach, Economic Opportunity, and Community Housing Improvement." - Red Bird Mission, Inc.

Feeling compelled to reach out to the underserved population of hearing-impaired individuals in the Eastern Kentucky mountains, our Au.D. students, accompanied by program faculty, established a relationship with other healthcare providers at Red Bird Mission and Clinic. Their work at that site was underwritten by one of the major hearing aid manufacturers.

Students and faculty have made a number trips to this rural clinic, most recently in May 2018. They have completed auditory screenings, hearing evaluations, cerumen management, hearing aid evaluations, and hearing aid fittings on scores of patients. In addition to the many trips out to the clinic, a number of our students have decided to incorporate the Red Bird Mission and Clinic as a part of their 4th-year project. Their projects have entailed training volunteers on basic hearing aid troubleshooting and maintenance, as well as developing a hearing aid manual and troubleshooting guide to aid the volunteers.