Research - Fall 2016

Research - Fall 2016

UofL researchers take lead role in exploring liver disease

Liver diseases are clinically important health problems and are generally underappreciated.  The University of Louisville has brought together a critical mass of investigators to study liver diseases in a comprehensive fashion.  These studies include a unique focus on environmental exposure and subsequent liver injury.  Craig McClain, M.D., associate vice president for health affairs/research, is the principal investigator and head of the team that has received a Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) grant from the National Institutes of Health to explore diseases of the liver—hepatobiology and toxicology.

UofL opens NIH-designated alcohol research center

Researchers at UofL received a nearly $8 million grant from the NIH that designates them as an NIAAA Alcohol Research Center. The UofL Center is one of only 20 in the nation is the only center with a nutrition focus. The research team is led by Craig McClain, Ph.D., associate vice president for translational research and associate vice president for health affairs and research, and received the best funding score of any of the grant applicants.


School yard becomes urban laboratory for environmental study


The HSC Research Forum, held June 21st and co-sponsored by the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs and Vice Dean for Research, School of Medicine included presentation on:

  • V.A.’s Million Veterans Program presented by Dr. Jon Klein
  • V.A. research program presented by Dr. Eleanor Lederer
  • Cautionary tales of late and same day grant submissions by Andrew French
  • NIH updates by Dr. Craig McClain

Download the slides presented at the forum here.  {LINK}

Neurosurgeon Robert James leads clinical trial to test therapy for brain hemorrhage

Daniel Conklin presented at AAAS about potential harmful effects of e-cigarettes

Final results from Sunbelt Melanoma Trial

DeFilippis receives Heart to Heart Grant to test biomarker to detect heart disease in women


Extramural Grant Awards, March – June 2016