Effective Business Writing - March 22, 2017

Effective Business Writing - March 22, 2017

Effective Business Writing

Presented by Jessica Newman

Think learning how to write well is for fourth graders and dusty old books?  Think again!  Even the most seasoned writers will tell you writing and communication is difficult.  When adding in business needs, the quickened pace of email and social media, and a need to constantly be on the move, knowing how to be clear and concise is crucial.  Don’t lose this opportunity to sharpen your writing skills! 

This talk will discuss strategies and resources for stronger, clearer and more effective written communication in the workplace. Throughout the talk, participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own writing and on how these strategies and resources might be relevant to them.

This program will be presented by Jessica Newman, assistant director for graduate student writing at the University Writing Center and a doctoral student in the rhetoric and composition program. Jessica holds an MA in language and literacy and an MFA in creative writing.

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