Session 2B (2:45 pm to 3:45 pm)

Session 2B (2:45 pm to 3:45 pm)

Powerful Communication Strategies

Presented by Denise Cumberland, Ph.D.

This workshop is designed to share communication strategies you need to identify and eliminate ingrained bad habits that cause stress and confusion for both you and others. Even good communicators need to be reminded of the cardinal communication sins – they are so easy to commit! You’ll learn to avoid common blunders like:

  • Using words that are weak, wimpy and wishy-washy
  • Becoming “I-centric” and losing credibility
  • Using negative phrases or a passive-aggressive tone

You will walk away armed with some powerful communication strategies that will help you project confidence and keep the lines of communication open with others. You will also learn what communication style you tend to rely on and how this can help or hinder your communication effectiveness.

Technology and Social Networks

Presented by Pradip Patel, M.D.

In this session, you will learn about examples of social media that may enhance your professional development as well as guidelines for online professionalism that can be applied for your own use. At the end, you will walk away having identified your goals for using social media in your professional developments and formulated a plan for next steps.

Interpersonal Skills

Presented by Rodney Brannon 

We would all like a more positive and successful work environment to report to on a daily bases.  Strong interpersonal skills play a significant role in organizations to reduce stress, promote creativity and help keep employees productive.  With this workshop, participants will discover workplace obstacles, learn active listening skills and how appropriate body language is important in communicating with others.

Caring for an Elderly Parent

Presented by Joe D'Ambrosio, Ph.D., and Anna Faul, Ph.D.

Anna Faul  As our population ages we are finding that either you have been a caregiver, are currently a caregiver, will be a caregiver or will need a caregiver to care for you. Caregiving is quickly becoming the new normal, especially when it applies to our aging parents. This presentation will explore the issues related to caring for an aging parent. We will discuss how to begin the “caring” conversation with your parents, what to listen for when talking to aging parents, long distance caregiving, parent-child role reversal, handling decision-making, sibling caregiving issues, legal issues and caregiver self-care. Participants will learn that caring for an aging parent can be a source of deep satisfaction for both the caregiver and parent and many times heal past wounds.

Retirement Readiness

Presented by Glenn Bossmeyer

There are two aspects of retirement - financial and non-financial. This session will cover the financial component of retirement, including topics such as: financial readiness, sources of retirement income, gambling vs. saving, and additional resources to assist in planning your retirement.

Office Yoga

Presented by Jodie Tingle-Willis

 Where do you ache after a long day at work: shoulders, low back, or wrists?

Perhaps your pain is more stress-related causing headaches, sluggishness, or difficulty concentrating.

Either way, join Jodie of Supreme Peace Yoga & Wellness for some simple techniques you can use at your desk or anywhere in your workplace to improve your energy and focus and decrease the strain on your body.