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Purchase Area Dental Clinic

Throughout the Commonwealth problems of access to proper dental care are amplifying, especially in children, due to the lack of dental insurance or available resources.  In September 1995, the Purchase Area Dental Clinic was created in collaboration with the Purchase AHEC, University of Louisville School of Dentistry, and West Kentucky Technical College Dental Assisting/Dental Hygiene Program.  Established to meet the needs of children in the Purchase District who do not have resources available to receive appropriate dental care, volunteer dentists and students provide a comprehensive examination including cleaning, fluoride treatment, sealants, restorations, and dental health education.  This successful clinic received the 2002 Community Preventive Dental Award from the American Dental Association and a feature article in the January/February 2002 issue of the Kentucky Dental Association (KDA).

School-based Science Enrichment Programs

An important goal of the Purchase AHEC is to inspire students in western Kentucky to pursue a health career. An inadequate background in science and math, especially for minority and other educationally disadvantaged children, often makes pursuing a health career difficult. To enhance the educational preparations of students, Purchase AHEC partnered with the Carlisle and Hickman county schools to implement science enrichment programs in the classrooms. The Purchase AHEC staff work closely with third and fourth grade teachers to create a series of hands-on activities and experiments to augment the school's current science curriculum. Every week, the coordinator brings to the classrooms resources such as skeleton models, magnets, balances and test tubes designed to help students master and apply basic science concepts.

Forensic Science

Targeted toward high school students, this program engages and educates students on the different roles and careers associated with forensic science.  Throughout the school year, students participate in hands-on activities including DNA fingerprinting, chromatography, urinalysis, soil analysis, chemical analysis, radiation detecting, and recreating a crime scene.  On-site visits, as well as guest speakers from the local forensic lab and law enforcement offices, are scheduled to provide students with the opportunity to speak to the experts.  This program is taught in conjunction with any level science, law or health occupations class.

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