Dual Degrees

Dual Degrees

Admission to all dual degree programs is contingent upon admission to the University of Louisville School of Medicine. For more information, please see the department websites and contact information listed below.



Contact Dr. Binks Wattenberg or Victoria King via Email or

Phone: Dr. Wattenberg at (502) 852-7762 or Ms. King at (502) 852-7762 for more information about the MD/PhD program.

MD/MA Bioethics and Medical Humanities

Contact Andrea Sinclair via Email or Phone: (502) 852-6501 for more information about the MD/MA program.

MD/MSc in Clinical Investigation Sciences

Contact the School of Public Health via Email or Phone: (502) 852-3299 for more information about the MD/MSc program.


Contact Susan Hildebrand, Recruiting & Admissions Manager - MBA and Grad Programs via Email or Phone: (502) 852-6967 for more information about the MD/MBA program.