Jennings quoted in The Wall Street Journal

(Oct. 20, 2010) Scott Jennings, a 2000 McConnell Scholar graduate, comments on today's political climate in The Wall Street Journal.
Jennings quoted in The Wall Street Journal

Scott Jennings

From the article by Jonathan Weisman

The heightened energy among Republican-leaning voters has been a feature of public opinion for months, with many voters anxious about the economy and unhappy with the Democratic-led Congress.

"A good chunk of [the Democrats'] base is disillusioned by what they've done, and Republicans believe the policies have taken us in the wrong direction," said Scott Jennings, a former Bush White House political aide now monitoring campaigns in Kentucky. "They've spawned a great conservative awakening."

Jennings is a senior strategist at Peritus, one of the largest public relations firms in Kentucky.


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