Four McConnell Scholars complete Freshmen LEAD

(July 17, 2013) LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Freshman McConnell Scholars Philip Moore, Natalie Smith, Mary Elizabeth Young and Chloe Zoeller completed this year-long University of Louisville leadership program.

As members of Freshmen LEAD, four McConnell Scholars participated in weekly leadership seminars and workshops and organized campus-wide service projects
over the course of their first year of college.

According to the leadership website, Freshmen LEAD introduces students to “leadership skills that expand their social networks and broaden their horizon to meeting a dynamic group of friends, which promotes a sense of community and encourages students to build upon their leadership potential.”

Moore, Smith, Young and Zoeller were part of a group of 70 students invited to Freshmen LEAD following a competitive interview process last fall.

Philip Moore Natalie Smith

Mary Elizabeth


Chloe Zoeller

By Mary Elizabeth Young, McConnell Scholar '16