Books, reports and surveys published by the McConnell Center and its affiliated faculty.

The McConnell Center produces publications on the topics of history, leadership, political science and liberal education. Additionally, the McConnell Center has partnered with other organizations, such as Liberty Fund, Inc., and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, to produce books for publication.

The McConnell Center Fellows, a group of five distinguished faculty across the nation, publish extensively on a wide variety of topics. Gary Gregg, PhD, director of the McConnell Center, has written or edited various academic publications and, most recently, completed a nonfiction trilogy set in Kentucky.

Our Publications

PocketbookUS Constitution
DVDHenry Clay and the Struggle for the Union
BookGeorge Washington, a photographic story of a lifeLenny Hort
BookPatriot Sage, George Washington and the American Political TraditionGary L. Gregg II, Matthew Spalding
BookSecuring Democracy, Why We Have an Electoral CollegeGary L. Gregg II
BookVital Remnants, America's Founding and the Western TraditionGary L. Gregg II
BookHero Tales from American HistoryHenry Cabot Lodge, Theodore Roosevelt
BookThe Senate, Great Forum of Constitutional LibertyRobert C. Byrd
BookBooks and the Founding FathersGeorge H. Nash
BookA Student's Guide to American Political ThoughtGeorge W. Carey
BookAmerica's Forgotten FoundersGary L. Gregg II, Mark David Hall