Natalie Smith

McConnell Center Administrative Assistant


Natalie Smith oversees the McConnell Center's Civic Education Program. She coordinates professional development and educational learning opportunities for Kentucky teachers and K-12 students, including our signature Young Leaders Academy. The seminars, conferences and educational resources offered through the center's Civic Education Program are designed to help strengthen US historical knowledge for students of all ages.

Since 2018, Smith has served as coach of the Center's spring debate series for McConnell Scholars.

Smith is a 2016 graduate of the McConnell Scholars Program and the University of Louisville. Prior to joining the staff at the McConnell Center, she served as Editorial Assistant of the Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition housed at the Kentucky Historical Society, where she provided textual editorial and research expertise necessary to digitally publish annotated historical documents. She is a graduate of the 2018 Institute for the Editing of Historical Documents.