GlyptusAnn Grider Jones

Coordinator: Public Education, Public Relations & Research


GlyptusAnn "Glypie" Grider Jones oversees the McConnell Center’s public relations and marketing efforts, as well as program evaluations, research and reporting. She also coordinates external partnerships and grants for the department, including implementation of a $2 million grant from the Humana Foundation and the Center’s partnership with Harvard University’s Institute of Politics.

Her project management and marketing collateral has helped secure more than $4 million in grants to strengthen the state and national presence of the McConnell Center's programming and mission. She is responsible for overseeing all departmental publications and specialty projects, media relations, social media and digital content, and public event planning. The Center's monthly public lecture and Distinguished Speaker series have been included in state and national media.

Jones has served as the lead program evaluator for the McConnell Center's Strategic Broadening Seminar, a continuing partnership between the University of Louisville and U.S. Army to conduct month-long leadership and professional development programming for mid-career soldiers. She is currently the editor of Meditations, an online journal to support the continuing education of SBS graduates.

Jones, who spent a year in South Korea through the Fulbright teaching program, is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Louisville’s Urban and Public Affairs Department. Her academic research focuses on the intersection of charter school formation and secessionist theory. Additional research interests include educational governance, public administration, and program implementation and evaluation.

Prior to joining the McConnell Center, Jones spent 10 years as a political and education reporter at multiple newspapers in Kentucky.